Greater-word meaning in hindi

Noun : और अधिक, अधिक महान

Adjective : अधिक, बृहत्तर, बृहद्, से बड़ा, और अधिक, अधिक महान

Example Sentences :

The more wretched he looks the greater the pity he excites in women and children.

The greater his difficulties, the more energy he shows.

Your need is greater than mine.

Child labour is often perpetrated by the parents for greater family income.

He has strangely landed himself into greater trouble.

Your need is greater than mine.

My need was greater than yours.

They started to work again with greater vigour.

Furthermore, they find greater depth of satisfaction from their working relationships.

All this happens when we pay greater attention to the appearance of the people and not to their merits.

Their hope and encouragement gave me greater strength.

Ties of relationship are greater than other connections.

The faithfulness of a dog is greater than of a cat.”

The greater your capacity to love the greater your capacity to feel the pain.

The city revived with greater vigour.

I got a greater purpose.

Your need is greater than mine.

He was greater than any other composer of his time.

It revived with even greater vigour.

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