great in a sentence

He is the first great English poet.

Beyond all question she is a great singer.

He failed to my great surprise.

The meeting was a great success.

He was a great hero.

He has great attachment to his wife.

Such a great man needs no introduction.

Devotion to one’s work is a great quality.

It was said that a great poet had resided here.

He is a man of great dare.

They never die who die in a great cause.

He has a great efficiency.

He is a man of great intelligence.

Social organizations can also help a great deal.

We are citizens of a great country.

They are naturally imitative, and a great part of their character is derived from their parents.

One cannot have a great nation with men of small character.

Your advice will be of great benefit to me.

He is a great friend of me.

It is a matter of great sorrow.

If we want to build a great nation, we must try to train a large number of young men and women of character.

Nobody can be great if he does not have courage.

With great difficulty they ascended up the hill.

He is the great leader whom we all respect.

There is a great rush at the water taps and at the urinals.

They remind us of some great event or personality of the past.

It was an exhibition of great merit.

Everybody in the colony holds him in great respect.

Circus holds a great charm for one and all.

There was a great rush of the passengers.

Bargains are struck after a great deal of haggling.

There was a great rush of the students.

Mustard oil is great for promoting blood circulation and skin elasticity as well.

The Ashoka was a great king.

It is great for the digestive system in general.

He could wriggle out of the situation with great difficulty.

This book will reveal to you the great secrets of life.

There was a great hush upon the audience.

Rose water is a natural astringent and thus is a great toner.

He gave me a great deal of comfort.

She has a great fondness for cinema.

He cannot do anything great or praiseworthy.

He always maintains the true traditions of the great Indian army.

He was a great sportsman at school, and carried off all the prizes.

He made a great deal of money in the business.

It is really a great gift.

People attached great value to his word.

Several great thinkers say that they can write best only when they burn the midnight oil.

She plays a great role in directing, guiding and controlling the entire household and the members of the family.

He has a great capacity to work.

The camp was really a great success.

It will be an evening of great fun.

When a new film is released, there is a great rush of film-lovers before the portals of the cinema house.

Why is simplicity a characteristic of great men ?

We had a great time at the wedding.

He was a man of great warmth and sincerity.

I have great influence with the Minister.

Apart from his salary he earns a great deal of money from other sources also.

One can learn a great deal from his speeches.

He took to himself a great task.

Why do you say they are great ?

Poems he has written are all of great excellence.

The train attained great speed.

He has become a great man.

He was a great soldier.

He was a great statesman.

This gave him great joy.

He is the first great English poet.

Buddhism, one great of the world’s religions, was founded about 2500 years ago.

I had great difficulty in making out its contents.

He failed to my great surprise.

They never fail who die in great cause.

She has great fondness for children.

No other Indian dramatist is so great as Kalidas.

He is a man of great talent.

He has become a great man.

This gave him great joy.

He was a great soldier.

I had great difficulty in making out its contents.

Very few batsmen are as great as Kapil Dev.

He told a story about a famous warrior of great strength.

Gandhiji was a great champion of peace.

There was a great flux and re flux in the drawing room.

I have great regard for him.

The cow has a great utility.

I agree with the statement up to a great extent.

I do not agree to a great extent with the opinion.

I had a great deal of trouble.

In the process, the students themselves will be learning a great deal.

He ate a great deal of rice.

Books are the products of great brains.

Honesty is a great quality.

Traffic jams have become a great headache these days.

The situation could be brought under control after great effort by the police.

Under the watchful eyes of the parents this risk can be reduced to a great extent.

I do not agree to a great extent to the given opinion.

I agree to a great extent to the notion that ‘Prevention is better than cure’.

It plays a great role in the social, political, educational, cultural and economic life of the people.

He is a great liar.

I support this practice to a great extent.

Ravindranath Tagore was a great poet.

Ravindranath Tagore, born in Bengal, a great poet and author of Gitanjali, was awarded the Nobel Prize.

I have great love for my country.

He is a man who has great courage.

Sometimes even great authors commit errors in their application.

He said that he in great trouble.

He was a great poet.

India is a great country.

Nehru, Prime Minister of India, was a great man.

I belong to a great country.

Dickens’s the David Copperfield is a great novel.

An advice you gave me has brought me great success.

I was shown a great scar by him.

They watched all with great delight.

Your visit gave me a great pleasure.

He broke in the horse with great effort.

He eats a great deal of food.

His encouragement was a great deal of help to me.

How had he made a great sum of money?

Bhangra dance is a great attraction in such an occasion.

The story of this picture had a great theme.

It is a great loss.

Some of our neighbors parted us with great difficulty.

The polling day is a day of great stir and action.

It is a place of great joy.

Growing plants gives a great satisfaction.

That is the reason why there was a great conflict in his mind before entering the operation theatre.

He has a great deal of Money to waste.

It ought to make a great story.

Did you see the great cavalry charge?

They never fail that die in a great cause.

Did you see the great cavalry charge.

Eagerly turning to him, he asked him if he had seen the great cavalry charge.

He is not very studious but a great athlete.

To their great joy, it was full of gold coins.

The birds were filled with great surprise.

Contentment is a great wealth.

Some slept in their seats but I sat still with great attention.

The Republic Day has great messages for us.

There is a great need to grow more and more trees.

There is a great din and noise.

It was a great function.

He is a great administrator and educationist.

He gave us a look into the lives of great men in India and the world.

I have great love for books.

Dowry system is a great obstacle in improving the standard of living.

They can render a great service to the suffering humanity.

She displayed great skill when she cycled on a single wheel fitted with a saddle and a pair of pedals.

The museum is a place of great interest.

He was small in size, but did great things for the nation.

Many great personalities of the world joined his funeral procession.

Jawahar Lal Nehru was one of the great leaders of the modren world.

He was also a great advocate of the Harijan welfare.

He was truly a great man.

These poems showed his great love for nature.

He was a great social reformer.

There is a great heat in summers in India.

The chirping of birds gives great joy.

You will be a great man one day.

All my friends tell me that I will be a great man one day.

In the last year of his life he made a great decision.

Science is the great benefactor of mankind.

Mahatma Gandhi was a great Indian leader.

In short, he is a great writer.

A good friend is a great gift of God.

A great number of cattle died.

For all these reasons, sports have a great value.

I want to become a great teacher.

The film has been directed by the great director Bimal Roy.

It will be an evening of great fun.

It has a great educative value.

They are the products of great brains.

Books are products of great brains.

Several great thinkers say that they can write best only when they burn the mid-night oil.

Character is the basis of great personality.

Time has no effect on great thoughts.

Books bring us into the presence of great minds.

A great change has come over him.

He was a great scientist.

He confessed that he was a great fool.

He is a man of great wealth.

His father has great influence on him.

The king took part in a great venture.

I am proud of the great inheritance.

Stop taking it or at least reduce the level to a great extent.

We should try to follow the great men and learn to make the best use of time.

He made great efforts to resolve communal problems.

Wordsworth composed a great number of poems with reference to Nature, rural folk and human nature.

In India, great civilizations and cultures have flourished from time immemorial.

Medical science has been of great help to man in maintaining good health.

This is a matter of great concern for educationists, not only in India but all over the world.

Every age and country has seen its great writers.

Biographies and autobiographies of great men give us a lot to learn.

He has been in great spirits after some good reviews.

Ashoka was a great warrior.

He was a great reformer and one of the leading lights of the Bhakti Movement.

The Buddha was a man of great wisdom and compassion.

It was a great disappointment for him.

Vivekananda was  also recognised as a great figure by the western media.

Darwin was perceived as a great thinker who had changed our thinking.

Many great men died rather early in life.

This has really been a matter of great concern.

Casteism is one of the great evils which plague our society.

He failed to my great surprise.

It was to my great surprise that he failed.

This window should be fully opened to the members of this great library.

Pandals and seatings are arranged at great expense.

Her death was my great loss.

Everbody is in a mood of great joy.

A great shamiana is put up.

There is a great activity at the spot of party.

Knowledge is a great force and factor in man’s life.

The paintings of great artists are also things of beauty.

He has great patience.

I hold them in great respect.

Everybody in the colony holds him in great respect.

There is a great demand for tea and eatables.

Time has great value.

We have been partners in great undertakings.

For ten years she had a very hard life and of great poverty.

He desires to see you a great officer.

Many great artists have done this.

Early education has a great influence over a child’s upbringing.

He is such a great liar that nobody trusts him.

He ran fast as if he were in great hurry.

He was admittedly a great leader.

He was a great leader.

A great man dose not fear to speak the truth.

Our great men stand as lamp-posts.

All the literary works of great saints in India have come forth as a divine .

Sharks have a great commercial value.

He is a great help to me.

Bargains are struck after a great deal of haggling.

The injury gave me great pain.

The great romantic poets like Wordsworth Shelley Keats  Byron and others worshiped and praised the beauties of nature.

The great things in history have been done by the great lovers saints men of science and art.

The picture was a great success.

Your loss is really great but still  must advise you to bear it patently for what cannot be cured must be endured.

A great degree of protection can be given to flood-prone areas by implementing these structural measures.

Dogs have a great instinct for learning.

Fossil fuels are of great importance.

Furthermore the quality of services has enhanced by a great margin.

Also these activities raise the temperature of the earth to a great extent causing an imbalance in nature.

Therefore this initiative is of great importance to help people become independent.

The Hindus observe this day with great festivity.

Thousands of people visit this great work of art.

Thus you will be saving a great amount when you only consume healthy food.

To play cards is his great delight.

It also comes in great use for farmers and industries.

All the great poets and writers like William Wordsworth have always given the nature a significant space in their writings and musings.

This great poem is very artful.

She has a great thirst of knowledge.

She has a great insight of human character.

I have great love for her.

She cried as if she were in great trouble.

I have always admired my seniors because some of them had great achievements during their School life.

I have a great love for this profession.

This book will give you great pleasure.

This book is of great use.

It also helps in improving the concentration and is thus of great help to the students.

The Devil watched all this with great delight.

This will help them become cautious and also minimize the loss to a great extent.

It was a day of great joy and happiness.

It was excitement all over as it was going to be a great day for us.

It was a great experience to watch a match in a stadium.

Superstition has a great hold upon us.

You have made a great mistake in your statement.

It poses a great threat to the low-lying islands and coastal cities.

This gives them a great opportunity to seek better jobs.

This financial supports comes as a sign of great relief to the youth.

It is a great opportunity for everyone who wishes to do it.

We were up on the main platform over which stood the great monument.

Wordsworth the great lover of nature has also acknowledged this fact in his poems.

Moreover wedding celebrations are also a great cause of pollution due to firecrackers.

That knowledge has applications in almost every aspect of human life and it gives a great deal of value to the study of history.

A small leak will sink a great ship.

There is a great noise at the bus-stand.

I learnt a great many things about our past.

I was in great need of it.

There was great enthusiasm in our players.

Casteism is a great social evil that must be fought against.

He worked his entire life and achieved many great things in life.

As fresh fruits and vegetables are great sources of fiber and vitamins we must consume them for good body growth.

He was a great teacher philosopher and author.

Teachers have a great impact on society and their student’s life.

Quotes are a great way to motivate human beings.

Everyone was in great discomfort when suddenly clouds began to gather in the sky and it became overcast.

Everyone celebrates them with great patriotism.

Furthermore motivational quotes are a great help when someone is in need of a little push and some fuel to help them take action.

It is also a great activity to rejuvenate oneself.

Such a friend would tell how great he feels about you.

India has a vast variety and great potential for tourist attraction.

It is also a great way to connect with old school friends and college friends.

It’s an opportunity to reflect and cherish the life of this great personality.

Knowledge will not just make a person great but also makes an entire nation great.

Like every other year I too enjoyed the Janmashtami celebrations this year with great enthusiasm.

Makar Sankranti is one of the essential festivals of India that people celebrate with great joy and happiness.

Newspapers have also a great part to play in forming public opinions.

Newspapers have a great part to play in educating the public in forming opinions and they should play their part impartially and without any coloring.

Our work is what adds great meaning to life.

She also extends great co-operation and help to all.

Her great fear is that she may fail this year.

That would really be a great day for our motherland.

They come in many colors so it offers great variety.

They celebrate this puja with great joy and devotion.

This function holds great significance in the school diary.

This gives them a great cultural significance.

Many people make great claims when it comes to goals.

This is a great social service.

My great fear is that he may drown.

They need to cultivate great strength.

He solved the sum with great difficulty.

It was excitement all over as it was going to be a great day for us.

Her contributions are certainly too great to imagine.

Shakespeare was a great poet   .

This great personality sacrificed his whole life for the country.

I am in great trouble, my friend.

Her great fear is that she may fail.

He has great visions.

Firstly it plays a great role in making new laws.

The merchant was a man of great wealth.

First of all I have a great love for nature.

This is her great fear.

Blueberries are great in preventing constipation.

By representing a majority of the people he had done great justice.

The elephant has great strength.

We can learn a great deal from our pet dogs.

Being poor, they often suffered great hardship.

He put forth a great effort and lifted the box.

This great book has changed the lives of millions of men and women all over the world.

They never fail who die in a great cause.

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