Great antonym-opposite word of great in English

Insignificant, Limited, Little, Low, Mild, Miniature, Minute, Moderate, Small, Soft, Seeny, Tiny, Unimportant, Weak, Thin

Example Sentences of Great :

He is a great thinker.

No poet can be great without imaginative power.

I have read Plato’s writings, who was a great philosopher.

The United States of America is a great country.

I should like to know who has been making a great noise.

What a great man he is !

They grow crops with great labour.

There were a great number of passers waiting for the bus.

An examination is a great event in the life of a student.

The historical buildings remind us of our great past.

There was a great serenity on the hill.

A great man lived in this house a decade ago.

Even saints and great philosophers make mistakes.

There was a great flux and reflux in the drawing room.

If many of these uranium atoms split at the same time, we get a very great deal of energy.

Finally the great day came, and I started for Hampton.

Not gold, but only men can make A nation great and strong.

She is really a great character.

We are the citizens of a great country.

I saw the great cat only twelve yards away.

When did you see the great cavalry charge ?

We produce a very great deal of energy from uranium.

It is a great thrill to be in a college.

I could get into the bus with great difficulty.

A nation is great if her citizens are great.

He is a great friend of me.

No nation can be great with narrow-minded people.

They never travel in a great numbers.

He was a great man as had written many books.

He has a great capacity to work.

A great deal of our energy comes from the sun.

Last year I joined a great gym.

It would be great if you send me your detailed itinerary so that I can plan the best for your holiday.

Schools have a great role to play in this.

He was a great actress of India.

He was a great nation-builder.

His death came as a great shock to the nation.

His visit to the town has a great significance.

I am proud of that great inheritance.

It is a period of great relief.

They pay great attention to their clothes and hair styles.

It has a great educative value.

He eyed the scene with great interest.

He made a great decision.

Follow all the instructions carefully in order to derive the benefits of health as well as enjoy a great tasting .

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