Grave in a sentence

Global warming has become a grave problem which needs undivided attention.

He dug a grave for his dead pet.

He is as grave as a judge.

He is co-operative enough to personally visit our house in case of some grave emergency.

He made a grave mistake.

He turned to us with grave face.

His life was in grave danger.

If the use of social media is not monitored it can lead to grave consequences.

In order to combat the grave problem of poverty first and foremost there should be a strict check on population increase.

It is a matter of grave concern.

My mother was troubled with a grave fear.

She was pointing to a little boiling pool at the corner of the grave stone.

She’s guilty of a grave blunder.

The atomic bomb is a grave threat to mankind.

The grave problems could be faced by her.

The measure should be taken to avoid these grave consequences.

The need of water conservation is so grave that it cannot be ignored.

The need of water conservation is too grave to be ignored.

The situation is grave.

Their faces were grave and attentive.

There will be grave decisions to be made.

You have committed this grave act.

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