Grand in a sentence

A grand jury found him not guilty of any crime.

All plant and animal life on earth forms part of a grand design of nature which is referred to as the ecosystem.

All was set for the grand event.

For instance it witnesses the grand parade of the Republic Day.

Have a detailed look and deck for the grand celebration.

He broke the news of my grand success.

He was a man of grand character.

He was given a grand farewell party by the students and the staff.

He was not one of those who only made grand speeches.

I am giving a grand party to my friends.

I congratulate you and your parents on your grand success.

I shall give a grand party to my friends.

I was glad to know about your grand success.

It has a grand building with thirty big class-rooms and two lecture theatres.

It is a grand Manish Malhotra outfit.

It is a great celebration and a grand show.

It is a very grand idea.

It was obviously a grand success.

Jump at You should jump at such a grand offer.

Look at this grand view of the ocean.

My grand father used to take me to school.

My parents are also very happy to hear of your grand success.

My parents have decided to celebrate it on a grand scale this time.

New Year is just around the corner and for sure most of you would be having plans for the grand new year eve.

Old Delhi has many grand buildings including the Red Fort and Jama Masjid.

On the eve of his retirement, his colleagues gave him a grand fare well party.

People from all over the country come to witness this grand show.

Several grand buildings also collapsed.

She played that tune on her grand piano.

She sat among her grand children.

The Taj is really a grand building.

The entire programme was a grand success.

The fair was arranged on a grand scale.

The grand temple is made of marble.

The much awaited fashion show of the year has finally made a grand entrance.

The process is very grand and takes place on a great level.

The whole show presents a grand spectacle.

The word ‘grandfather’ has grand as its prefix.

There once stood a grand empire where we find a desert now.

They loved grand touring cars.

This was a very grand statue.

We are hosting a grand wedding reception today.

We are sure of our grand success.

We prepared for the party in a grand way but the curfew threw everything out of gear .

What a grand building!

What a grand show it was !

What grand dea you have given !

What was the grand finale of the show ?

When I started walking with the help of a baby-walker my parents held a grand feast.

Why did you refuse this grand offer ?