gradually in a sentence

Time is a great healer, and will gradually heal your wound.

This bad practice will gradually die out.

He was shy in the beginning, but gradually he gained self-confidence.

Terrorism has gradually uprooted the ethics of civilization.

This is gradually turning into a health hazard.

Watching television is gradually turning into a health hazard.

This factory is gradually going to the dogs under the new management.

His voice gradually sank to a whisper.

The patient’s condition is gradually improving.

Your pain might gradually come down after some time.

Atherosclerosis starts gradually in young adults but it generally does not cause symptoms until middle or old age.

Slowly and gradually it will improve your metabolic rate.

Now she is gradually getting well.

Luck gradually smiled on me.

He gradually came in sight.

His health gradually changed for the better after he went to live in the countryside.

The days are gradually shortening.

It gradually dawned on me that I had misunderstood him.

He gradually recovered his temper.

The storm has gradually abated.

You can gradually learn to stay peaceful.

The balloon descended gradually as the air came out.

Conditions are gradually improving.

Many old customs are gradually dying out.

The skin gradually took on a healthier look.

At first he hated her but gradually came to love her.

Her fears gradually quietened down.

The storm has gradually abated.

He gradually recovered his health.

The ship gradually came in sight.

His health gradually changed for the better after he went to live in the countryside.

Luck gradually smiled on me.

The truth of the matter gradually dawned on me.

He gradually recovered his temper.

The wind gradually died down.

That gradually became his habit.

Now she is gradually getting well.

It gradually dawned on me that I had misunderstood him.

With consistent practice, he was able to gradually improve his piano playing skills.

The company’s profits began to increase gradually over the course of several months.

The temperature dropped gradually as winter approached.

The old bridge was gradually deteriorating due to years of wear and tear.

The city’s population grew gradually as more people moved in for job opportunities.

The child’s reading skills improved gradually as they practiced reading every day.

The artist added layers of paint to the canvas, gradually creating a beautiful masterpiece.

The leaves on the trees turned colors gradually during the transition from summer to autumn.

The construction of the new building progressed gradually, taking several months to complete.

The patient’s health improved gradually after receiving the appropriate medical treatment.

With consistent watering and care, the wilting plant gradually recovered and flourished.

She introduced new vocabulary to her language learners gradually, ensuring they had a solid foundation.

The young puppy was trained gradually, learning one command at a time.

The river eroded the rocks gradually, carving out a beautiful canyon over centuries.

With time and patience, the injured athlete gradually regained their strength and mobility.

The sun rose gradually, illuminating the landscape with a soft morning glow.

The traffic congestion eased gradually as rush hour came to an end.

The elderly couple walked slowly, taking in the scenery, and gradually made their way to the park bench.

The architect designed the building to blend gradually with the surrounding environment.

The company implemented new policies gradually to allow employees time to adjust to the changes.

The student’s confidence grew gradually as they received positive feedback on their work.

The city’s skyline was transformed gradually with the construction of several iconic buildings.

The sun dipped below the horizon, and the sky darkened gradually as night approached.

With regular exercise and a balanced diet, he lost weight gradually over several months.

The popularity of the new smartphone model grew gradually, attracting more customers each day.

The plant spread its vines gradually, covering the entire trellis with lush greenery.

The author skillfully built suspense in the novel, gradually revealing the plot twists.

The storm’s intensity increased gradually, starting with light rain and building up to heavy downpours.

The paint on the old house peeled off gradually due to exposure to the elements.

The child’s vocabulary expanded gradually as they read more books and engaged in conversations.

The city’s infrastructure was upgraded gradually to meet the growing population’s needs.

The teacher introduced complex math concepts gradually, ensuring students understood each step.

The baby’s sleep schedule adjusted gradually as they got used to the new bedtime routine.

The glacier melted gradually over time due to rising temperatures.

The dancer’s skills improved gradually through hours of practice and dedication.

The sun’s rays warmed the earth gradually in the morning, bringing a new day.

The construction crew worked diligently, and the building took shape gradually.

The technology evolved gradually, with each generation of devices becoming more advanced.

The forest’s ecosystem changed gradually as new species migrated into the area.

The musician learned to play the challenging piece gradually, mastering one section at a time.

The baby’s babbling gradually developed into coherent words and sentences.

The artist added details to the painting gradually, refining it until it was complete.

The river meandered through the valley, carving out its path gradually over centuries.

The sun began to set, and the sky gradually turned shades of pink and orange.

She started to feel better gradually after a few days of rest.

With consistent practice, his skills improved gradually over time.

The flowers in the garden began to bloom gradually as spring arrived.

The city’s skyline changed gradually as new buildings were constructed.

The temperature dropped gradually as winter approached.

The water level in the river rose gradually due to heavy rainfall.

As the movie progressed, the tension built up gradually.

He started jogging again after his injury, increasing his pace gradually.

The company expanded its operations gradually, entering new markets one by one.

The project’s complexity increased gradually as new features were added.

The students learned the material gradually, taking small steps each day.

Over the years, their friendship grew gradually into something more meaningful.

The old building’s deterioration occurred gradually over decades.

The landscape transformed gradually as we drove through different regions.

Her health improved gradually after following a strict diet and exercise routine.

The noise level in the room decreased gradually as people left.

The author’s writing style evolved gradually over the course of several books.

The forest recovered gradually after the wildfire, with new plants sprouting.

The sun warmed the chilly morning air gradually.

The city’s population increased gradually due to migration and birth rates.

The artist added layers of paint to the canvas, building the image gradually.

The snow on the mountains melted gradually as spring approached.

The technology advanced gradually, leading to breakthrough innovations.

She opened up about her experiences gradually, sharing more details over time.

The musician’s skill on the instrument improved gradually through daily practice.

The elderly woman’s memory declined gradually as she aged.

The clouds covered the sky gradually, bringing rain later in the day.

The economy recovered gradually after the recession, showing signs of improvement.

The child’s language skills developed gradually as they learned new words.

The train slowed down gradually as it approached the station.

The colors of the sunset changed gradually, creating a stunning visual display.

The story’s tension built up gradually, keeping the readers engaged.

The new employee adapted to the company’s culture gradually.

The old building’s restoration was a lengthy process that happened gradually.

The dancer’s movements became more fluid and graceful gradually.

The garden’s plants grew taller gradually under the care of the gardener.

The artist’s masterpiece took shape gradually, evolving over time.

The town’s infrastructure improved gradually, attracting more residents.

The athlete increased their training intensity gradually to avoid injury.

The laughter in the room subsided gradually as the story became serious.

The relationship between the two characters developed gradually throughout the story.

The waves on the beach retreated gradually as the tide went out.

The teacher introduced complex concepts gradually to ensure understanding.

The musician adjusted the tempo of the song gradually for a smooth transition.

The morning mist lifted gradually, revealing the landscape below.

The city’s skyline transformed gradually as new skyscrapers were built.

The book’s plot unfolded gradually, keeping readers intrigued.

The ice melted gradually as the temperatures rose.

The project’s completion was delayed, and progress was made gradually.

The child’s confidence grew gradually as they participated in more activities.

The vehicle accelerated gradually, reaching a comfortable speed.

The sun’s rays illuminated the horizon gradually as dawn broke.

The students adapted to the new curriculum gradually over the semester.

The old bridge deteriorated gradually due to exposure to the elements.

The company’s market share grew gradually as it gained more customers.

The garden’s beauty became evident gradually as the flowers bloomed.

The water level in the reservoir decreased gradually during the dry season.

The team’s cohesion improved gradually as they worked together on projects.

The colors of the leaves changed gradually in the fall.

The city’s transportation system evolved gradually, adapting to new demands.

The tension in the room dissipated gradually after the argument.

The musician transitioned from one song to another gradually.

The old painting’s restoration was a delicate process that occurred gradually.

The atmosphere became more festive gradually as people arrived at the party.

The snow accumulated gradually during the winter months.

The relationship between the characters developed gradually, deepening over time.

The student’s comprehension of the subject grew gradually through consistent study.

The city’s culture shifted gradually as new influences were introduced.

The athlete improved their performance gradually, setting personal records.

The storm’s intensity increased gradually, building up to heavy rainfall.

The lights in the room dimmed gradually for a dramatic effect.

The tension in the story escalated gradually, keeping readers engaged.

The city’s skyline was illuminated gradually as the sun set.

The musician’s reputation spread gradually as they performed at various venues.

The child’s ability to focus improved gradually with practice.

The technology’s adoption spread gradually across different industries.

The river’s current weakened gradually as it approached a calm stretch.

The old book’s pages turned yellow gradually over time.

The tension between the characters eased gradually after their confrontation.

The students adapted to the new school environment gradually.

The crowd’s excitement increased gradually as the event approached.

The colors of the artwork shifted gradually, creating a mesmerizing effect.

The town’s population grew gradually as more families moved in.

The story’s complexity unfolded gradually, revealing its layers.

The child’s vocabulary expanded gradually as they read more books.

The athlete’s endurance increased gradually with consistent training.

The sun sank below the horizon gradually, marking the end of the day.

The city’s architecture changed gradually over the centuries.

The musician’s mastery of the instrument developed gradually through dedication.

The tension between the characters dissipated gradually as they reconciled.

The students’ understanding of.

the concept deepened gradually over time.

The artist’s style evolved gradually, reflecting their growth and experiences.

The storm’s fury subsided gradually, leaving behind clear skies.

The relationship between the characters strengthened gradually as they shared experiences.

The child’s reading skills improved gradually as they practiced regularly.

The city’s infrastructure modernized gradually to meet the needs of the population.

The story’s mystery unraveled gradually, revealing unexpected twists.

The athlete’s speed increased gradually as they built up their stamina.

The warmth of the sun enveloped the land gradually as morning arrived.

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