got in a sentence

He got his daughter married.

He got a big prize at the flower show.

He got nearly full marks.

He got his car tangled up.

I got my hair cut on Sunday.

He is my best mentor from whom I got to learn professionalism.

He got a job with a politician’s recommendation.

I got a lot of support from my family and friends.

I got  my primary education in a village.

I have got my berth reserved in the Howrah mail.

It put me at ease to know that after all my son had got a seat in the medical college.

I have got lessons in elocution.

He flattered his boss and got the promotion.

The train pulled into the station and the passengers got down.

The passengers got down the train and marched to the exit.

He has got a long lease of life.

He got a lot of money as his family inheritance.

He got the summons from the court.

He got military training during his college days.

He got his early education at home.

I got my early schooling from the village school.

I got a prize for my participation in debate.

My elder brother got into bad company at school.

My children got sick from eating undercooked chicken.

I got that decorating idea from a magazine.

He might have got stuck in traffic.

I got married at a young age.

He used to get angry within a moment and got relieved from it within the next moment.

She got angry and scolded me badly.

I got a lot of help from my family when I first started my company.

My father got a good name in the nearby towns.

I’ve got a few friends.

I got to know her through one of my friends.

I got caught in the rain and got all wet.

It’s very windy and my hair got messed up.

You’ve got a good idea.

I stayed at home because I have got flu.

The fires got out of control.

Have you got a mobile phone?

She got married at the age of .

He got an award for the highest sales at his company.

I got a new pair of shoes.

He got sad after reading the letter.

I got all tongue-tied when she spoke to me.

They’ve got a telephone next to their bed.

My water bottle just got spilled on my computer!

Have you got something cheaper?

I got a bonus.

He got lost on his way here.

He made me so angry that I got a headache.

I have got a question.

He got his sleeve caught.

What was your mother doing when you got home?

I almost got run over by a truck.

I got divorced.

We’ve got a problem.

You’ve got a big hole in your sock.

You got better because you did everything the doctor asked.

I’ve got a provisional licence.

I got over it.

He got a good job.

I have got beautiful eyes.

I got these earrings from my grandmother.

I got a lot of things done today.

I got what you mean.

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