gossip in a sentence

The film reviews and news about film-stars provide topics for gossip among film fans.

Leisure does not mean that we should just sit and gossip all day away or wander about aimlessly.

A gossip usually gets caught in his own mouth trap.

He spent the whole day in gossip.

I didn’t like you to gossip too much about anything.

Some people like to gossip about others.

She spends the whole day in idle gossip.

Gossip can lead to slander and defamation of character.

Do not waste your time in idle gossip.

He wastes his time in gossip.

He is a big gossip.

You should not waste time on gossip.

He is a big gossip.

It’s just gossip.

Do not indulge in gossip.

Instead of hard work, he wasted his time in idle gossip.

Do not waste your time in gossip.

You and your mom can gossip about the most random thing all day, all night long.


And can there be a workplace where gossip doesn’t exist?

The tendency to gossip is as old as life itself.

They gossip a lot but it is completely harmless.

The gossip hurt his reputation.

She spread the gossip all over the town.

The gossip is true!


Malicious gossip spreads like wildfire.