Glory-word meaning in hindi

Noun : आभूषण, फ़ख़र, अप्रतिम सुन्दरता, परमेश्वर का गुणगान, खुशी होना, माहात्म्य, स्वर्ग, स्तुति, श्री, शोभा, वैभव, यश, महिमा, बड़ाई, प्रशंसा, प्रभुता, प्रतिष्ठा, प्रताप, परमानंद, नामवरी, आनन्द, महत्त्व, कीर्ति, गौरव, गर्व

Verb : मग्न होना, आनंद करना, शेख़ी करना, परमानन्द लेना, खुशी होना, गर्व करना, प्रसन्न होना, शेखी मारना, हुलसना

Example Sentences :

He was carried away by rainbow glory of their colour.

Your grand success will make you bask in the glory of the fortune’s smile all through your life.

He called upon the students to do their best to carry the country to the pinnacles of glory and prosperity.

He brought glory to his motherland.

In short, success, glory and fame result from hard toil.

Every ambitious person should learn this artfully well and reach the heights of success and glory in no time.

These examples should comfort those who want to achieve quick results and reach the peak of glory all at once.

We attain glory through aim and planning.

They spoke of the glory of ancient India.

The beautiful buildings will bring before us the glory of the past.

It is glory of man’s life.

These monuments exhibit the past glory of India and are part of our cultural heritage.

Only those who are up and doing succeed in winning glory and greatness.

The crown and glory of life have departed.

National pride and glory seem to be missing among them.

Traditional skills reflect the glory of our rich culture.

They ruled most efficiently and brought glory to their nations.

This glory will always remain.

Honour and glory is his reward.

When can their glory fade?

History is replete with examples of men securing glory in doing their duty.

It is largely due to his efforts that the college has reached the heights of glory in a short span of time.

We ran for the glory of the school.

His name is the glory of this town.

Let’s all make a toast to our glory days.

Stop clinging to your glory days

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