Glamorous-word meaning in hindi

Adjective : आकर्षक, भव्य, मोहक, मोहन, सम्मोहक, जादू डाला हुआ, जादूपूर्ण Example Sentences : It is difficult to believe that this could happen in this place which used to flaunt a smart and glamorous look. You can wear heels to office as they make you look glamorous tall and stylish. Festival makeup is anyway a … Read more

glamorous in a sentence

Glamorous Meaning in English Adjective Full of Glamour Glamorous Meaning in Punjabi Adjective ਮੋਹਕ ਅਕਰਸ਼ਕ Glamorous Meaning in Hindi Adjective मोहक आकर्षक तड़क-भड़क वाला Example Sentences I want to do something different, glamorous and exciting like becoming a detective. Glamorous rings are making a comeback. They provide an elegant finishing touch to any ensemble. Glamorous women have … Read more