glamorous in a sentence

I want to do something different, glamorous and exciting like becoming a detective.

Glamorous rings are making a comeback. They provide an elegant finishing touch to any ensemble.

Glamorous women have always been desirable in the world of fashion.

She is one of the most glamorous women of the world.

The glamorous lifestyle is commonly associated with a life full of pleasure and enjoyment.

Ever since I was young, I have always been captivated by the glamorous hotel life.

The famous Rita Hayworth dyed her naturally black hair red to create a more glamorous image for herself.

That’s the glamorous idea that might motivate you to begin the hard work.

She wears glamorous clothing.

Jayaprada is known to play performance oriented roles than glamorous ones.

He spends some time playing the glamorous casino games.

His glamorous living and the kind of flashy aspects tells people that he has a lot of money .

The glamorous celebrity archetype evokes desire in men and women alike.

He is the most drop-dead glamorous person I’d ever been in the presence of.

People are starting to believe in what they hear and see every day, especially, if it is shown in the glamorous and attractive way.

This is a glamorous industry one should enter into this with clear terms.

We live in a glamorous world of advertisement.

Many times we are deceived by the glamorous appearances of things.

She looks glamorous in her bridal dress.

She looks glamorous in her new dress.

The border of this wallpaper is very glamorous.

She looks glamorous with the help of make up.

Glamorous bikes are trendy these days.

Please suggest me some glamorous ideas about kitchen decoration.

The background of this photo is not glamorous.

Glamorous cars attract everyone.

Your dress is very attractive and glamorous.

We have arranged a glamorous event with great effort.

The color of her eyelashes are glamorous.

Her eye shadows are attractive and glamorous.

My little daughter looks glamorous in frocks.

People have passion for glamorous bikes.

These days glamorous heroines have bright future in film industry.

Glamorous hair styles are very trendy these days.

She looks very glamorous in tight jeans.

The background of this photo is not glamorous.

The border of this wallpaper is very glamorous.

This actress looks glamorous with the help of makeup in films.

The border of this wallpaper is very glamorous.

Glamorous Synonyms

attractive, fascinating, charming, captivating, catchy, tempting, gorgeous, pleasing, splendid, elegant

Glamorous Antonyms

dull, boring, repulsive, monotonous, unexciting, ugly, unattractive

Parts of Speech

What is the noun form of glamorous – Glamour
What is the verb form of glamorous – glamorize
What is the adverb form of glamorous – glamorously

Glamorous Meaning in Hindi

आकर्षक, भड़कीला

She is tall and glamorous.

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