gives in a sentence

On the Independence Day the prime Minister of India gives some detail about the various projects started by the government.

The morning walk gives me a lot of energy.

A newspaper gives us all kinds of news about our own country and about foreign countries.

Ambition gives the right direction to all our efforts.

Cow gives us a lot of benefit all through her and even after her death.

The conductor gives tickets and the driver drives the bus.

Motivation gives wheels to our thoughts and energizes them to execute into the action.

Nature always gives us back what we give to it.

Natural resources are those things which nature gives us to use.

Gossip gives happiness to many.

The great advantage of early rising is that the good start it gives us in our day’s work.

This table gives you necessary information.

It gives us strength.

The reading of an entertaining book gives pleasure and joy.

It gives us a sense of relief and comfort.

The computer gives me a headache.

Helping the poor gives me joy.

The best part of every man’s education is that which he gives to himself.

Gardening gives me physical exercise and reading gives mental exercise.

He gives money to charity.

My work gives me joy.

This gives a wavy look and goes well for normal to long hair.

Regular work gives self-respect.

Travelling gives us a new experience:

He never gives himself airs, and is friendly even to the poorest.

The rose gives out a sweet perfume.

He gives his heart and soul to it.

Most of us have a sitting job which takes a toll on our digestion and gives us acidity.

Rain gives us relief from hot and humid days.