given in a sentence

We were being given music lessons.

She is given only two chapatis a day by her daughter-in-law and her son.

I have given him every assurance of timely help.

Quotations are usually given in single or double inverted commas.

Education, if given in a proper way, can make the life of a child.

Give your best to what you are doing at any given moment.

She has given path-breaking performances in several critically acclaimed movies.

He has given vent to his feelings.

I have already given my assent to your proposal.

We must make the best use of every minute given to us by God.

We have given the result in a tabular form.

We were given a grand dinner.

We were given a nice feast.

Have you given him our books ?

He hanged himself using the belt that Mary had given him.

He has given us useful knowledge.

To how many students have you given the highest grade?

Food and blankets were given to the refugees.

You haven’t given me what I asked for.

He has squandered every opportunity I’ve given him.

You’ll be given the report when it is written.

Technology has given us immense power.

The plan was given up under the pressure of public opinion.

See the example given above.

The farewell party will be given next week.

I’ve given my best for the company.

The prisoner was given his freedom.

A reception was given for the Japanese foreign minister.

A dinner will be given next Saturday.

He rescued a girl from drowning and was given a reward.

He should be given preference over the others.

I have given several representations to the government, but to no avail.

It is a God given gift.

Polio vaccine is usually given in childhood.

Proper training should be given to new drivers.

Each of them was given a prize.

Should he be given another chance

Each person was given enough food and clothing.

Your have given us new hope.

I’ve given up eating meat.

I was given a new jacket.

You’ve given me your cold.

You’ve given me good advice.

He was given a problem that was impossible to solve.

I was given this watch by my uncle.

I have recently given up smoking.

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