ghastly in a sentence

I saw a ghastly scene.

The place of accident gave a ghastly look.

He met with a ghastly accident.

Any mismatch can look ghastly and ruin the look of your space.

This man did the most ghastly thing that one can think of!

Why do you urge me to engage in this ghastly warfare?

Sometimes love affairs between two persons culminate in ghastly murder scenes.

Who was a witness to this ghastly sight?

How can we make sense of such a ghastly accident?

We ran ashore seeing the ghastly weather.

It looks ghastly and largely unappealing.

We were shocked at this ghastly act.

Are some mistakes so ghastly that they can’t be forgiven?

I have never seen such a ghastly sight.

The floods presented a ghastly sight.

I trembled at the ghastly sight.

It was a ghastly sight.

It was really a ghastly scene.

For many days I could not forget the ghastly scene.

He looked as a ghastly figure.

What a ghastly accident !

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