generous in a sentence

He was very generous to all.

He is liked, because he is generous.

It was generous of them.

He was a man of a generous nature.

He is generous in helping others.

He is not only honest but generous also.

He is generous.

He is too generous to his servants.

He is a man of noble and generous nature.

Generous people experience the richness of life that a selfish person cannot even dream of.

He is a very generous person.

She is generous to everyone.

He was very generous.

Be generous and fair in all your dealings.

You’ve always been so generous with me.

I’m in a generous mood.

People like him because he is generous.

A smiling face is not a guarantee of a generous mind and heart.

That was very generous.

She is so generous that she won’t refuse us help.

He is not only generous but honest also.

He is very generous.

He was generous even to his enemies.

It was generous of you to help.

She is generous with her money.

He gives generous donations to the hospital.

He was generous even to his enemies.

Some people are not generous although they have money.

I know him to be generous.

It was generous of him to share the food.

He’s very generous.

Well, you were very generous, and we wanted to thank you.

She is too generous not to help the poor.

He was generous.

Your friends and associates will be in a generous mood.

Thank you very much for your generous donation.

He is generous to his opponents.

He is always generous to poor people.

He is generous to excess.

He has a generous nature.

He is generous to his friends.

She was so generous as to give me all the money I needed.

Being overly generous is his greatest fault.

He is a very kind and generous man.

You should not play on his generous nature.

How generous you are to give me so much money.

Try to be generous and forgive.

You are generous to give me such a lot of money.

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