generally in a sentence

People generally met with in the fair.

We generally have breakfast at eight.

He generally plays very well, but today he is playing very badly.

In the winter children generally wake up late in the morning.

My sister generally stands first in her class.

Modern offices are generally air-conditioned.

I do not generally succumb to group pressure for the sake of conformity.

Parents generally limit their role just to send their children to school and meet their materialistic needs.

We generally take fruits after dinner.

He is generally seen walking in his garden with a rosary in his hand.

Old people generally need somebody to talk to.

The houses of the Kashmiris are generally built of wood.

After lunch he would generally have a short nap.

People generally have a false idea about beauty and handsomeness.

Being very studious, he generally stands first in the class.

If a person is healthy in body, he or she is generally healthy in mind.

A sportsman is generally frank and honest.

A rickshaw puller is generally a poor man.

The person who goes out for a walk daily in the morning, generally remains cheerful throughout the day.

Students generally try to follow fashion through films.

I generally read those books which have stood the test of time.

It is generally believed that money makes a person popular.

The reason for their condemnation generally is because they are mostly corrupt.

What do you generally do over the weekend?

When do they generally study?

People generally donate food items to cows.

Stomach bloating is generally caused when the acid level in the stomach increases so much that it gives rise to excess gas formation in the abdomen.

Type 2 diabetes is generally caused when the body fails to break down sugars from the diet.

A heart attack generally causes chest pain for more than 15 minutes, but it can also have no symptoms at all.

It is generally noticed that if you eat more than required then you might feel bloated.

This is generally a negative phase.

There is generally a trend to talk big and make impressive castles in the air and .

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