general science questions and answers for competitive exams

Exercise – 9

Choose the correct Answer :

Zn, Plumule, Auxins, Mammal, Bacteria

  1. Souring of milk is due to
  2. Stem develops from
  3. Indole acetic acid is
  4. Little leaf rosetting is deficiency symptom of
  5. Dolphins are classified under

Ans : 1. Bacteria 2. Plumule 3. Auxins 4. Zn 5. Mammal

Exercise – 8

Choose the correct Answer :

Mesozoic era, Vitamins, Ribosome, Concave lens, Reflection

  1. Oranges are rich source of
  2. The samllesh organelle in a cell is
  3. The age of reptile was
  4. An air bubble in water will act like a
  5. Sound waves produce echo due to

Ans : 1. Vitamins 2. Ribosome 3. Mesozoic era 4. Concave lens 5. Reflection

Exercise – 7

Choose the correct Answer :

Crocadile, Anaemia, Linear momentum, Autonomous nerves system, Arteries

  1. The jet plane engine works on the principle of
  2. Reflex action is the function of
  3. The blood action is the function of
  4. A reptile with four chambered heart is
  5. Deficiency of Iron in diet cause

Ans : 1. Linear momentum 2. Autonomous nerves system 3. Arteries 4. Crocadile 5. Anaemia

Exercise – 6

Choose the correct Answer :

AIDS, Tuber, cytokinin, Paratonic movement, Fungi

  1. Closure of lid in pitcher plant is a
  2. Patato is a modified stem which is called
  3. Penicillum is a
  4. HIV is related to
  5. Harmone helping in cell division

Ans : 1. Paratonic movement 2. Tuber 3. Fungi 4. Aids 5. Cytokinin

Exercise – 5

Choose the correct Answer :

Iionic bond, Gas daws, Davoisier, One, Infra-red rays

  1. The father of modern chemistry is
  2. Which waves has the highest frequency
  3. NaCI has which type of bond
  4. An ideal gas is one which obeys
  5. How many layers are obsorbed in chemical adsorption

Ans : 1. Lavoisier 2. Infra-red rays, 3. Iionic bond 4. Gas laws, One

Exercise – 4

Choose the correct Answer :

Platinum, Radiation, Water, 3.5%, Centrifugal force

  1. The average salt content of sea water is
  2. When milk is churned,the cream is separated from it due to
  3. The metal which can join well with the glass is
  4. Clear nights are colder than cloudy nights because of
  5. Life is absent on moon due to lack of

Ans. 1. 3.5% 2. Centrifugal force 3. Platinum 4. Radiation 5. Water

Exercise – 3

Choose the correct Answer :

Ferromagnetic powder, 13.3%, Spleen, Cotton, Vitamin A

  1. Which of the fibre is least prone to fire
  2. The tape of a tape recorder is coated with
  3. The largest lymphatic organ of the body is
  4. Night Blindness is caused by the deficiency of
  5. The protein content of edible portion of egg is

Ans. 1. Cotton 2. Ferromagnetic powder 3. Spleen 4. Vitamin A 5. 13.3%

Exercise – 2

Choose the correct Answer :

Maize, 3, Robert Brown, Ostrich, Cleistogamy

  1. The scientist who first recognised and named the nucleus was
  2. Calcium content is maximum in
  3. If pollination takes place without opening of the flower it is referred to as
  4. The largest living bird is
  5. How many pairs of salivary glands are there in the human body

Ans. 1. Robert Brown 2. Maize 3. Cleistogamy 4. Ostrich 5 .3

Exercise – 1

Choose the correct Answer :

Pericardium, Power, Red light, Bauxite, Blue whale

  1. The most important ore of aluminium is
  2. Kilowatt is a unit to measure
  3. Which of the following is not a bone in the human body?
  4. Which of the following is the largest living mammals?
  5. The process of photosynthesis is most active in

Ans. 1. Bauxite 2. power 3. Pericardium 4. Blue whale 5. Red light

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