gaiety in a sentence


It is an atmosphere full of mirth, joy and gaiety.

They are full of fun and gaiety.

Festivals bring gaiety and charm in the routine life of the people.

We celebrate the festivals with gaiety and enthusiasm.

We have celebrated this festival with great fervour and gaiety.

People celebrate the festival of Lohri with gaiety.

This festival was celebrated with religious gaiety and communal harmony.

Republic Day is celebrated with gaiety and fervour in our country.

The students performed dance items to add charm and gaiety to the celebrations.

We celebrate festivals with religious fervour and gaiety.

The festival was celebrated with great enthusiasm and gaiety.

The annual rose festival was celebrated with gaiety.

This festival is full of colours and gaiety.

They are full of fun and gaiety.

His gaiety is not a wasteful luxury.

Teachers’ day is observed all over our country with devotion and gaiety.

On the eve of Janmashtami, a procession of Lord Krishna was taken out with religious fervour and gaiety here today.

Republic Day was celebrated with gaiety and fervour across the state yesterday.

Eid celebrated with fervour & gaiety.

His main function is to provide an atmosphere of elegance and gaiety.

Every occasion you can dream of is celebrated with gaiety pomp and fevour.

The festive decorations, lively music, and joyful laughter filled the air with a sense of gaiety during the holiday season.

The children’s playtime at the park was filled with gaiety as they ran, laughed, and played games together.

The vibrant parade filled the streets with gaiety, as colorful floats, marching bands, and excited spectators created a jubilant atmosphere.

The lively dance floor at the wedding reception was filled with gaiety as guests twirled, laughed, and celebrated the union of the happy couple.

The comedy show brought waves of gaiety to the audience, with its hilarious jokes and comedic performances that had everyone in stitches.

The summer fair was a place of gaiety, with its thrilling rides, delicious food stalls, and lively entertainment for people of all ages.

The annual carnival brought a sense of gaiety to the town, with its festive games, exciting rides, and colorful costumes.

The lively music and energetic dance moves at the party infused the room with gaiety, as everyone let loose and enjoyed the night.

The joyful cheers and applause of the audience filled the theater with gaiety, as the actors delivered a captivating performance on stage.

The street festival, with its live music, street performers, and bustling food stalls, brought an atmosphere of gaiety to the neighborhood.

The vibrant spring garden, blooming with colorful flowers and buzzing with chirping birds, filled the surroundings with a sense of gaiety and rejuvenation.

The comedy club echoed with laughter, as the stand-up comedians delivered their hilarious punchlines, creating an atmosphere of pure gaiety.

The graduation ceremony was filled with gaiety, as proud parents, beaming graduates, and enthusiastic applause filled the auditorium.

The vibrant cultural festival showcased traditional dances, music, and costumes, spreading gaiety and cultural appreciation among attendees.

The family gathering during the holidays was a time of gaiety, as relatives shared laughter, stories, and delicious meals together.

The comedy movie had the audience in fits of gaiety, as the well-timed jokes and humorous situations had everyone roaring with laughter.

The summer garden party exuded gaiety, with its beautifully decorated outdoor space, live music, and guests dressed in their finest attire.

The lively street parade filled the city with gaiety, as spectators waved flags, cheered, and joined in the festive spirit of the event.

The carnival atmosphere of the amusement park filled visitors with gaiety, as they rode exhilarating roller coasters, played games, and indulged in sweet treats.

The celebration of a milestone birthday brought a sense of gaiety to the party, with balloons, confetti, and a joyful atmosphere of well wishes.

The summer concert in the park created an ambiance of gaiety, with live music, dancing, and families picnicking on the grass.

The energetic street performers brought a sense of gaiety to the city center, captivating passersby with their acrobatics, juggling, and entertaining acts.

The lively wedding reception overflowed with gaiety, as guests danced, clinked glasses, and shared heartfelt toasts in honor of the newlyweds.

The beach bonfire gathering filled the night with gaiety, as friends shared stories, strummed guitars, and laughed under the starlit sky.

The community fair was a hub of gaiety, with carnival games, live music, and vendors selling a variety of delectable treats.

The festive parade, celebrating a cultural heritage, brought gaiety to the streets, as participants showcased traditional costumes, music, and dance.

The theater production, with its delightful comedy and captivating performances, brought gaiety to the audience, leaving them with smiles on their faces.

The vibrant street market, bustling with vendors, food stalls, and lively music, infused the neighborhood with a spirit of gaiety and celebration.

The colorful fireworks lighting up the night sky brought a sense of gaiety to the New Year’s Eve celebration, as spectators cheered and clapped in awe.

The lively pub atmosphere, filled with cheerful conversations and clinking glasses, exuded an air of gaiety as friends gathered to socialize and enjoy each other’s company.

The annual costume party encouraged attendees to dress up in creative outfits, adding to the gaiety of the event as people admired each other’s imaginative attire.

The cheerful laughter and playful banter among friends during a picnic in the park created an atmosphere of carefree gaiety and joy.

The bustling marketplace, with its vibrant stalls and lively bargaining, contributed to the gaiety of the scene as shoppers and vendors engaged in spirited interactions.

The summer music festival, with its energetic live performances and enthusiastic crowd, radiated gaiety and a shared love for music.

The spontaneous street parade, with impromptu dancing and singing, spread gaiety throughout the community as people joined in the celebration.

The carnival games and rides at the local fair brought laughter and gaiety to families and friends enjoying a day of fun-filled entertainment.

The surprise party organized to celebrate a loved one’s achievement was filled with gaiety, as friends and family gathered to express their joy and admiration.

The spontaneous flash mob in the town square brought an unexpected burst of gaiety as people danced and sang together, spreading a contagious sense of happiness.

Synonyms of Gaiety

entertainment, merriment, mirth, glee, cheerfulness, happiness, jocularity, joviality, merrymaking, gladness

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