future in a sentence

Today’s children are the future of tomorrow and we should brighten their future.

Everybody likes to dream of a rosy future.

It is rightly said that child is the future of the nation.

The quality of teachers decides the future of a country.

Child labour is damaging, spoiling and destroying the future of the children finally the country.

The bright future of the individual, society, community and country depends on the education system getting followed.

Plan for the future.

Examinations fill the examines with fear because their future is fully dependent on them.

Man does not know what will happen to him in future.

Children are the future of a country.

Children are the future citizens of our country and they have the right to education.

A child does not know what kind of future it is going to have.

No one knows what lies in the future.

Save for the future.

I hope to hear from you in the near future, Yours faithfully, I%-al as4 (Manoj Prakash) 4.

It’ll be useful in the future.

I am really worried about my daughter’s future.

What if nobody else comes forward to date you in the future?

There is no future in this job.

We shall never repeat in future such a crime as this.

What has the future in store for us?

I don’t want to get involved in any controversy and put my future at stake.

The future of printing industry is at stake.

We are very much concerned about the future of this country.

Please consider us in the future for all your travel needs.

Our future will be full of difficulties because of lack of funds.

I hope he will see me and listen to my future plans.

We have a right to demand a safe future for ourselves and future generations.

There is no future in his job.

They discussed their future plans.

He has a big future in baseball.

I see a bright future for you.

I’ll keep this for future use.

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