futile in a sentence

Her efforts to reform her son were futile.

Her attempts to revive him proved futile.

His efforts proved futile and gradually, he gave up.

I wasted the best years of my life in futile.

I came to the hospital to get myself treated. But my visit proved futile.

You should not be carried away with the promises made by people as they can prove futile.

One who does not believe in the existence of God, it is futile to argue with him over the ways of God.

It is a futile search for explanation.

My present is suffering due to my futile past.

These foods may be silently making your efforts of losing weight go futile.

Our attempt to see only the bright side of life is futile.

There is nothing futile in the world.

You will arrive at an age, when everything will seem to be futile.

Without the realization of God everything is futile.

Nothing is futile.

I get lost in futile thoughts.

Speech is futile without action.

My past has passed in futile.

His life is truly meaningless and futile.

Avoid gossip and futile talk.

You are wasting your time in futile wanderings.

The city police chased the robbers, but the chase proved futile.

The search for the killer proved futile.

They chased the robbers, but the chase proved futile.

All efforts proved futile to put out the fire.

Synonyms of Futile

fruitless , useless , abortive , vain , worthless , barren , pointless , sterile , unproductive