Full antonym-opposite word of full in English

Defective, Deficient, Empty, Inadequate, Incomplete, Insufficient, Lacking, Wanting, Unloaded, Hungry, Needy, Starved

Example Sentences of Full :

India’s past was full of glory.

What is history full of ?

My preparation for the examination is going on full swing.

A full purse never lacks friends.

There was round about in full swing.

The rainy season is in full swing these days.

He got nearly full marks.

The car was in full speed.

Take full rest and follow the doctor’s instruction.

She has taken full charge of me and looks to all my comforts.

The Bhagvad Gita is full of some rare gems of wisdom.

His tricks are always full of interest.

His poems are full of the beauty of nature, love of God and children.

The chirping of the birds is full of pleasure.

His television or radio set is always on at full volume.

We should put our full capacity in productive effort.

There was round about in full swing.

We shall spend full three hours on this Island.

The basket is full .

Nature is full of beauties.

I’d pay full attention to the problems of the teachers.

The Yamuma is full of water.

We have yet to make full use of sea resources.

The city was full of panic after the riots.

The history of India is full of large number of great men and women.

He lay at full length on the grass.

Her heart was full of joy.

His life was full of drama.

Your shelf is full of books.

He full justice to food.

The fair was in full swing when we reached there.

He is full of ambition.

She is a girl full of sentiment.

The bay is full of boats and people.

The car moved at full speed.

He secured full marks n Mathematics.

My basket is full of books.

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