fruit in a sentence

Good marks are the fruit of regular study.

Which fruit do you like?

Farmers grow fruit trees in an orchard.

Eat less fatty food and more fresh fruit and vegetables.

We should prefer fruit juice and milk to tea and coffee.

This is a raw fruit.

We eat fruit daily.

Watermelon is one of the most powerful body-healing fruit.

Raw fruit and vegetable juice helps in detoxifying the body.

Blossoms are the promise of the coming fruit.

He is a wholesale trader of fruit and vegetables.

I drink a glass of fruit juice daily.

Fruit and vegetable juice therapy is very effective, as it removes the flaws from the body from their roots.

I like lots of currants in my fruit cake.

I eat a lot of fruit and vegetables.

I have purchased some fruit.

I bring fruit and vegetables from the market.

The fruitĀ seller sells fruit.

They sold fruit at the stand.

Trees give us fruit.

I like fruit and vegetables.

I want to buy fruit.

He had to work ceaselessly before his efforts bore fruit.

The trees were laden with fruit.

Milk, fruit and fresh vegetables should be the main part of your food.

He didn’t eat much fruit.

You can have either soup or fruit juice.

A good tree brings forth good fruit.

They ate all the fruit which we had gathered.

This fruit tastes bitter.

You are prohibited to eat this fruit.

This fruit tastes sour.

Trees give us fruit to be eaten.

Buying fruit at such price is illogical.

A rich man who is suffering from one disease or the other cannot enjoy the fruit of his wealth.

The exterior of a jack fruit is very rough.

I like fruit and vegetables.

We are apt to be impatient to see the fruit of labour.

They were intensely happy at the fruit of their honest and diligent labour.

A rich man who is suffering from disease cannot enjoy the fruit of his riches.

Trees give us fruit to eat.

I have grown flowers, vegetables and fruit in the garden.

Take a lot of fruit and fresh vegetables.

Prices of fruit and vegetables should be standardized so that the common man can live a decent life.

As a tree is judged by the fruit it bears, so a man is judged by the character he has.

It is the fruit of your hard labour.

I like fresh fruit ice cream.

Berries are an ideal fruit that we often enjoy with ice cream or smoothies.

Having a kiwi fruit after a meal will help in smoother digestion.

Mixed fruit pudding is a very simple and colourful dish.

This farm yields enough fruit to meet our needs.

They grow fruit here.

We should remember that the fruit of dishonesty is bitter.

We must do our duty and leave the fruit to God.

Which fruit do you like the most ?

This grand success is the fruit of your hard work.

This fruit tastes sweet.

Your efforts will certainly bear fruit one day.

I shall buy a lot of fruit next week.

What kind of fruit should you eat to stay healthy?

Trees give us fruit to eat.

I like fruit and vegetables.

Jackfruit is one super fruit you should definitely include in your diet.

You should wash fruit before you eat it.

That is a fruit of your effort.

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