Friend in a Sentence

His help saved his friend.

My friend failed in the examination.

Your friend will mock at you

He nurses a grudge against his friends in his heart of hearts.

She set about her friend heavily.

He fell out with his friend.

He is my bosom friend.

He is my friend

He was consoled by his friend

Thank you my friend.

Neither he nor his friend is guilty.

He is no longer my friend.

I am going to stay at my friend’s house.

Have your friend been on a diet recently?

I have a good friend who will back me up in my difficulties.

Where is your friend from?

I gave my friend a book.

Did you not congratulate your friend on his success.

Where does your friend live?

I thanked my friend for timely help.

This is my best friend since kindergarten.

My friend has come today.

I’ll add you as my friend on the Facebook.

I met my friend yesterday.

I like to spend my free time with my friend .

I met your friend at the seminar.

My friend is a fast typist.

My friend he goes for a walk in the morning.

I went to the bus stand to see my friend off.

My friend is afflicted with pain.

My friend lives in a boarding house.

My friend is at a pinch these days; so I must help him.

His friend helped him to get out of financial difficulties.

I must help my friend in need at any cost.

A tree is the best friend of man.

I have a good friend in you.

My friend does not know the ABC of Physics.

My friend was kind enough to help me when I was in trouble.

My friend met with an accident five days ago.

My own friend harmed me.

He has no other friend than you.

I want to know who your friend is.

My friend makes me pay for everything.

Your friend is a man of means; he can help you in this matter.

My friend did me a good turn in the time of difficulty.

Do not cross swords with your fast friend over a trifle.

My friend whom I met yesterday has come today.

A good friend is the gift of God.

I am confident that my friend will not leave me in the lurch under any circumstances.

He as well as his friend is undependable.

He was married to a friend of mine

My friend lives in America.

My friend works hard.

What was your friend doing there?

How are you, my old friend ?

Either you or your friend has teased her.

I ran into an old friend yesterday at the cinema hall.

Why would my friend do this to me?

I asked my friend what happened.

Why is your friend not talking to you?

My friend played a joke on me.

They avenged the death of their friend on his killer.

Either you or your friend has stolen my book.

My friend is a chain smoker.

My friend gave me a book.

Who is your best friend ?

My friend has a passion for reading.

My friend likes coffee.

My friend helped me lest I should fail.

I like coffee but my friend likes tea.

He has fallen out with his friend on a trifle.

I always have my friend at my beck and call.

My friend is taller than I.

My friend succeeded in his mission.

My friend is rich enough to help me.

I thanked my friend for his timely help.

This is the hotel, that my friend built.

My friend who lives in America has sent me a camera.

Your friend has an axe to grind in this proposal.

My friend has invited me.

Sita visits her friend regularly.

In reality, a freind in need is a friend indeed.

A real friend never falls off.

My friend lives quite close by my house.

My friend is desirous of her hand in marriage.

Never betray your friend for a temporary benefit.

Being his close friend you should correct him whenever he goes wrong.

Do not quarrel with your friend on this trivial matter.

He declined to help his friend at the critical juncture.

He is a bosom friend of mine.

I came across my friend on the railway station.

Your friend came to see you in your absence.

My friend has gone to Delhi.

I shall be writing a letter to your friend tomorrow.

His friend was wrong.

My friend comes late.

Hurrah !My friend has come.

He hoped that his friend will stand by him.

He is a friend of mine.

He will abide with his friend in all circumstances.

He gave a nice present to his friend on his wedding anniversary.

This is the house where my friend lives.

He is writing a letter to his friend .

He is neither my friend nor my enemy.

She trusts her friend more than enough.

Was your friend generous?