Frequent in a sentence

A frequent guest is never welcome.

Areas that have frequent droughts have higher cases of farmer suicides.

Because of their frequent use, they are treated as a sub-group.

Fashion has become such an important part of the present-day world that even colleges organise

frequent ramp shows for girls and boys.

Generally, new born babies drink few sips of milk at frequent .

He is a frequent visitor to my school.

I am a frequent visitor to the Rock Garden at Chandigarh.

I am a member of your frequent flyer programme.

I came into frequent contact with foreign students.

I request you to take necessary steps to stop this frequent load-shedding.

It becomes frequent too.

It is a matter of grave public concern that there is a frequent and continuous breakdown of power

supply in this area.

Japan has frequent earthquakes.

Money frequent changed hands.

One of the reasons for frequent outbursts is a clogged up skin.

She’s a frequent visitor to this country.

The frequent breaking and accelerating the vehicles in traffic jams burns more fuel.

There are frequent earth quakes.

They get frequent training on waste management methods and sewage processing methods.

They make frequent trips to Europe.

Typhoons are frequent in this region.

We had frequent snowfalls last year.

You can get sunburns from sea bathing, swimming or having frequent or prolonged exposure to sun.

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