freedom in a sentence

The Press should have complete freedom in a democracy as it helps in educating the people and building their opinion on different matters.

Our National flag is a symbol of unity and freedom.

Freedom has no meaning for hungry people.

The freedom of the country was the result of years of hard struggle, sufferings and sacrifices of the patriotic countrymen.

I like all freedom fighters who fought for the freedom of our country.

Freedom of thought is the most important thing.

We must work hard to maintain our freedom.

We should have freedom of thought.

Freedom has given us a new status and new opportunities.

I am fond of freedom.

Responsibility and freedom go hand in hand.

Freedom and happiness are intimately linked.

The freedom of the press should not be curtailed.

Subhash Chandra Bose was one of the greatest freedom fighters of India.

Lala Lajpat Rai was one of the greatest freedom fighters of India.

He needs freedom.

Freedom is our birthright.

India gained its freedom in August 15, 1947.

Living in freedom would mean outer as well as inner freedom.

What is Spiritual freedom or Moksha?

India’s freedom will be at stake if corruption continues.

We are zealous for freedom.

During the freedom struggle our leaders made many sacrifices for the country.

Freedom fighters are the salt of the earth.

The first battle of freedom in India started in 1857.

Many young men were drawn in the freedom struggle by Mahatma Gandhi.

India got freedom in 1947.

He desires freedom.

Freedom brings responsibilities.

I shall never get freedom from worries.

Freedom of the press is essential for true democracy.

All the people want freedom.

We enjoy several kinds of freedom.

We respect the freedom of others.

He was a dauntless and gallant freedom fighter.

He was an eminent freedom fighter and politician.

Freedom is the birth right of man.

Freedom is preferable to slavery.

He is ready to cut short his personal freedom.

I enjoy perfect freedom at home.

We respect the freedom of others.

He was a freedom fighter.

During the freedom struggle our leaders made many sacrifices to the country.

India got her freedom on the 15th August,.

During the freedom struggle, the youth of our country played a significant role.

He spent many years in prison during the freedom movement of India.

His contribution to the cause of freedom was great.

He has freedom of every kind.

Some people say that full freedom should be given to the children.

Unlimited freedom can spoil the children.

Every man has the right to freedom in a democracy.

Physical fitness and freedom from all kinds of ailments is the desire of every human being.

India won freedom in .

Nelson Mandela is a great freedom fighter of Africa.

We respect freedom of others.

We must defend our freedom at all cost.

You have the freedom to travel wherever you like.

He had little freedom of action.

It is our duty to bring freedom and opportunity to a common man.

Our endeavour should be to bring freedom and opportunity to the common man.

He rejoices in the freedom of the motherland.

You are misusing your freedom while you are away from home.

She loves freedom of action and movement.

I enjoy a lot of freedom in the college.

He joined the freedom movement.

India’s freedom movement brought thousands of people of different backgrounds together.

There is no other outstanding leader like her in the history of Indian freedom struggle.

He was a great organiser and was one of the greatest orators of the era of freedom struggle.

She raised her voice for women’s freedom and their upliftment in India.

If we enjoy any freedom now it is partly due to them.

They should be given full freedom in portraying their art.

There is a fear that unchecked freedom may lead the children astray.

What freedom does a young man have that a child does not have?

There should be programmes on the heroes of Punjab during the freedom struggle.

She had freedom of action to make the deal.

Towards the end of the day, I realised that there is a healthy freedom in the college.

This can give you a great sense of freedom and allow you to do exactly what you want without any interference.

How much freedom do you think students should have to choose their own clothes to school?

During our freedom struggle, many leaders worked for the uplift of the underprivileged.

She continued to take active part in the freedom movement.

He was a front ranking freedom fighter.

I enjoy a lot of freedom in the college.

It was he who designed the freedom of the country.

A student will be given freedom to choose a game of his own liking.

We ask for freedom of expression as a right.

Limit your love and grant freedom to your child but in a restricted manner.

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