foundation in a sentence

A good friendship develops on the foundation of trust loyalty and faith.

Character is foundation of all greatness.

Children are the foundation of a country.

Commitment is the foundation of success.

Cosmetics market is loaded with various shades of foundation.

Education is the foundation of the progress of a country.

Education is the very foundation of good citizenship.

Failure prepares the foundation for bigger things in life.

Free and fair Election process may be a foundation of a healthy democracy.

Good health is the very foundation of a happy life and of all meaningful activities.

Having a strong grip on one’s mother tongue also helps in creating a strong foundation for learning additional languages.

His ideologies of Integration have laid the foundation of Unity.

Humility is the foundation of all virtues.

If we talk about our personal lives water is the foundation of our existence.

It is the foundation of development of any nation.

It is the foundation of the future.

Modern civilization rests on a foundation of science and education.

Mutual trust and confidence are the foundation stone of all friendship.

Objectives are the foundation for work.

Self-Respect is the foundation of a healthy relationship.

Shri Guru Nanak Dev ji laid the foundation of Sikh religions.

Social interaction is the very foundation of social life.

The basic foundation of a child is of extreme importance.

The foundation of a building must be very strong.

The foundation of joint family is based on cooperation, unselfishness and tolerance.

The foundation of success is attitude.

The rumor had no foundation in fact.

These are the foundation for time management skills.

They built a solid intellectual foundation and a progressive outlook for the society.

This is the time of life when the foundation of character is laid.

This would lay the foundation of an enlightened future society.

Trust is the foundation of any relationship.

Water is the foundation of food and life.

Your idea has no foundation at all.

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