Found-word meaning in hindi

Adjective : बरामद

Verb : गलाना, ढालना, बनाना, आधारित करना, स्थापित करना, निर्माण करना, नींव डालना, स्थापना करना, स्थापना कर देना

Example Sentences :

They found that the germ varied in strength.

He found parking difficult.

The dog found out the way to open the door.

If we had found him earlier we might have saved his life.

But on coming out, I found my leg dislocated.

I have found the place that you told me of.

Each of these substances is found in India.

When he entered the class, he found the teacher inside.

I found an old Roman coin in the garden yesterday.

Someone will have to be found to take her place.

Where were they found ?

He was found guilty.

I found the book nowhere.

The next morning I found myself somewhat l refreshed.

Uranium is found in the earth’s crust as ore.

I have found this out.

Luckily I found the paper easy.

He had found his soul mate.

When I reached there and I found that I am out of money.

I found him lying senselessly.

I found him grinding his teeth in anger.

He found himself refreshed but he was very hungry.

But I have found germs of friendship in him.

As I went up and up, I found the steps narrower and narrower.

As I went in, I found myself in a wonderland.

When she woke up, she found no sign of her mother or any other passer.

Searching his pockets he found the tickets.

He was found dead in his black Honda City car.

I found I could not stretch the idea.

They were found dead inside the apartment last night.

We found the front door locked.

We found the footprints in the sand.

Where was it that you found this key?

I’m fixing the radio which I found on my way home.

I found the box empty.

We found that we had lost our way.

We found out a secret door behind the curtain.

I found that I could not study well with the radio on.

I found the book easy.

I found it easy to solve the problem.

We found the stolen bag in this bush.

We found a secret passage into the building.

We found that everyone was asleep.

I found it difficult to put it into practice.

I found the room empty.

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