forgotten in a sentence

Man has forgotten that his salvation, and strength lies being close to the objects of nature.

We have forgotten the importance of politeness and ethics in our society.

We have forgotten the real responsibility of being a human just because of the money.

A man who does nothing is forgotten as soon as he dies.

He might have forgotten about the meeting today.

Have we forgotten the teachings of Mahatma Gandhi?

It is a history of a forgotten world.

I have not forgotten anything.

Why have you forgotten your best friends?

This is a horror that canโ€™t be forgotten.

The contribution made by the heroes in the freedom struggle can never be forgotten.

He has not forgotten his humble background.

I had forgotten all about it.

The charm of childhood cannot be forgotten.

We have all forgotten to look after ourselves.

Nowadays, even adults have forgotten the art of healthy eating.

Nowadays we have forgotten to eat well and eat at the right time.

With the advent of allopathy medicine, most of us had forgotten Ayurveda medicine.

Salt is the forgotten killer.

I had forgotten about them until now.

The time spent at school with your best buddies can never be forgotten.

Teachers are never forgotten.

He has forgotten his true nature.

Most of us must have forgotten to make tulsi a part of our daily lives.

Some mistakes cannot be forgotten.

I think you have forgotten me.

I have forgotten you.

I have never forgotten you.

It will soon be forgotten.

I have forgotten your name.

Have you forgotten anything today?

I have not forgotten your advice.

They seem to have forgotten their promise.

Have you forgotten that I helped you when you were in trouble?

I have forgotten your name.

I had completely forgotten about it.

I had forgotten all about it.

He seemed to have forgotten me.

Sir, I bring my book to school everyday but I have forgotten to bring it today.

Will those happy days be ever forgotten ?

Had you forgotten my name ?

Have you forgotten anything today?

He Child has forgotten his promise .

I’ve forgotten to post the letter.

An injury is much sooner forgotten than an insult.

She must have forgotten the promise.

He has completely forgotten it.

You seem to have forgotten me completely.

I had not forgotten you.

I have forgotten my bag outside.

He has forgotten to bring his books.

Whatever you learn is forgotten without practice.

I have forgotten your name.

He might have forgotten me.

Had you forgotten my name ?

He’d forgotten to pay.

You’ve forgotten your lunch.

I haven’t forgotten your birthday.

I have never forgotten him.

He has forgotten it.

I think I’ve forgotten something.

I’ve completely forgotten his name.

I’ve forgotten your number.

He has forgotten all about the matter

He has forgotten to see you here.

I’ve forgotten my email address.

I’ve forgotten my pin number.

She appeared to have forgotten my name.

Are you sure you haven’t forgotten anything?

Oh I must have forgotten my money at home.

He had forgotten to turn on the burner.

He had forgotten to turn on the microwave.

I thought you had forgotten about me.

You had forgotten something.

Some of them may be forgotten with the passage of time whereas others leave an everlasting imprint on the mind.

He is soon forgotten because he lived in years, not in deeds.

They teach everyone the lesson of humanity that they have forgotten in this hectic lifestyle of this world.

She had forgotten all about the invitation.

The enslaved still havenโ€™t forgotten the struggles of their ancestors.

In todayโ€™s fast and competitive world we have forgotten about moral and integral ethics.

I had completely forgotten about our lunch appointment and arrived an hour late.

The old diary contained forgotten memories from her childhood.

The ancient ruins were once a great civilization but were eventually abandoned and forgotten.

The actor’s early films were largely forgotten as he became a superstar in later years.

The small town had a forgotten charm, hidden away from the bustling city life.

The book was discovered in an old attic, a forgotten treasure waiting to be found.

The family found a forgotten box of heirlooms in the back of the storage room.

The once popular restaurant was now forgotten, its doors closed and windows boarded up.

The passage of time had caused the details of the incident to be mostly forgotten.

The forgotten letter was discovered in the dusty corner of the abandoned house.

The forgotten song from her childhood brought back memories of happier times.

Her achievements in the field were overshadowed and forgotten due to the male-dominated industry.

The forgotten town was rediscovered by adventurous travelers seeking a unique experience.

The forgotten melody played in the background, reminding them of days long gone.

The forgotten manuscript was finally published, gaining acclaim years after the author’s death.

The once thriving community was now a forgotten ghost town, with only ruins remaining.

The forgotten park was gradually reclaimed by nature, becoming a serene wilderness.

The forgotten recipe was rediscovered in an old cookbook, sparking nostalgia for family gatherings.

She felt a pang of sadness as she saw her once beloved toy now tucked away and forgotten in a dusty corner.

The abandoned mansion stood as a forgotten relic of a bygone era, with its grandeur fading with time.

The forgotten village was hidden deep in the forest, untouched by modern civilization.

The forgotten password prevented him from accessing his online account.

Over the years, the once bustling marketplace became forgotten and desolate.

The forgotten history of the small town was pieced together through old photographs and documents.

The forgotten art of calligraphy was revived by a passionate artist, eager to preserve the ancient craft.

In the attic, they stumbled upon a box of forgotten childhood toys, bringing back fond memories.

The museum displayed a collection of forgotten artifacts that shed light on a lost civilization.

The once popular singer had become a forgotten name in the music industry.

The forgotten garden behind the house bloomed with wildflowers in the spring.

The forgotten promise from years ago was still fresh in her mind, reminding her of unfinished business.

The abandoned shipwreck was a forgotten relic from a maritime disaster centuries ago.

The forgotten landmark was a hidden gem, attracting adventurous tourists looking for unique experiences.

The forgotten movie from the 80s gained a cult following after a recent re-release.

The forgotten novel found in an old bookstore turned out to be a literary masterpiece.

The forgotten traditions of the ancient tribe were preserved through storytelling and oral history.

The abandoned amusement park was a forgotten reminder of past joys and laughter.

The old, forgotten mansion was rumored to be haunted, shrouded in mystery and intrigue.

The once bustling port town was now a forgotten fishing village, lost in time.

The forgotten recipe book contained family secrets passed down through generations.

The forgotten artist’s work was discovered and displayed in an art gallery, finally receiving recognition.

The forgotten letter brought back memories of a lost love from the past.

The forgotten manuscript was unearthed from the library archives, revealing untold stories of the past.


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