foolishness in a sentence

  1. His absurd talk showed his foolishness.
  2. Worrying about a problem and fearing from it is foolishness.
  3. Foolishness is the lack of wisdom.
  4. I made it a point to remind him of his foolishness several times again.
  5. He was sentenced mainly because of his foolishness.
  6. We can no longer afford this foolishness.
  7. It is perhaps his innocence rather than foolishness.
  8. You have to repent on your foolishness one day.
  9. All this arguments are foolishness and waste of time.
  10. All his allegations are baseless and it indicates his foolishness.
  11. Everyone laughed at his foolishness.
  12. Under normal circumstances, I don’t usually respond to foolishness.
  13. We cannot really blame him for his foolishness.
  14. Your foolishness have spoiled everything,
  15. This is foolishness.
  16. To ignore it is utter foolishness.
  17. Who’ll put up with all my silly foolishness.
  18. What does he think is foolishness?
  19. Don’t let foolishness overtake you.
  20. He started laughing at his own foolishness.
  21. You should realise your foolishness.
  22. It is nothing else but foolishness.
  23. He realized his foolishness after he was ruined.
  24. I wonder at his foolishness.
  25. All laughed at him for his foolishness.
  26. They laughed at his foolishness.
  27. To sit idle and to look up to God for help is foolishness on our part.
  28. He had to pay for his foolishness.
  29. I apologize to you for my foolishness.
  30. He realized his foolishness and greed.
  31. To sit idle and look up to God for help is foolishness.
  32. It was indeed foolishness on my part to have lost my temper over a trifle.
  33. I feel it was foolishness on my part to have lost my temper without much reason.
  34. He realized his foolishness and greed.
  35. You will pay dearly for your foolishness.
  36. She is the victim of her own foolishness.
  37. It is sheer foolishness to believe that one can make up for the time lost.
  38. I feel it was foolishness on my part to have lost my temper without much reason.
  39. It is foolishness to sit idle and look upto God for help.
  40. My foolishness has caused the death of my good friend.
  41. He had nothing to do but repent for his foolishness.
  42. He burst out laughing at their foolishness.
  43. She laughed at him for his foolishness.
  44. Such an act is sheer foolishness on your part.
  45. All her friends laughed at her foolishness.
  46. They were happy to have finally realised their foolishness.
  47. Due to their foolishness, they caused a loss to their master.
  48. He cursed himself for his foolishness.
  49. He was very upset and cried over his foolishness.
  50. He is dying because of his own foolishness and incapability.
  51. Don’t tell anybody of your bad luck or your foolishness.
  52. He had paid a heavy price for his foolishness.
  53. He sighed on his foolishness.
  54. He realized his foolishness.
  55. His life came to an end because of their foolishness.
  56. Your present condition is the result of your own foolishness.

Synonyms of Foolishness


  • How was he absurdity treated ?


  • He repented his folly but it was too late.


  • The insanity of the situation made him laugh.


  • It is little short of lunacy to try it.


  • We should not commit mistake again and again.
  • I made an awful mistake in the test.
  • You can’t mistake it.
  • Every mistake made me stronger.
  • There is a mistake in the bill.
  • He made the same mistake again.
  • Don’t make the same mistake again.
  • You keep on making the same mistake time after time.
  • He has made the same mistake twice.
  • He made a mistake on purpose.
  • He brooded over the mistake he made.
  • There is a mistake in her composition.
  • She made the same mistake again.
  • I made a big mistake when choosing my wife.


  • The rubbish hasn’t been collected.
  • Get the rubbish out of the building.
  • Burn this rubbish on the fire.
  • The rubbish was thrown away.
  • The rubbish is dumped in the middle of the street.
  • The rubbish collection begins early in the morning.
  • They threw the rubbish into the pit.
  • Throw the rubbish in the bin.


  • His stupidity was unavoidable.


  • I can feel death and weakness in every move I take.
  • The weakness will go away with the passage of time.
  • You must bear with the weakness of your friends.
  • He despised the weakness of him.
  • Jeweler or ornaments are a big weakness for most of the women.
  • She has made her weakness her strength.
  • You will recover from your weakness soon.
  • His weakness cancels out his virtues.
  • I’ve got a weakness for homework.