flying in a sentence

The aeroplane was flying over the snowy hills.

I have just heard that you have passed your examination with flying colours.

He has got through the examination with flying colours.

Boys are flying kites.

She is flying to London.

The plane is flying above the clouds.

I know that you will come out with flying colours next year.

I was flying kites.

I am flying a kite.

I have always enjoyed flying.

We were flying in the air, high above the people on the earth.

At this moment the door was flying open.

Leaves were flying away from the trees.

Each candidate paid a flying visit to know his position.

You always come to me on a flying visit.

They were not flying kites.

The Piime Minister paid a flying visit to our town.

The birds are flying.

The birds started flying towards their nests.

The children are flying kites.

I am flying a kite.

I am leaving no stone unturned to come out with flying colours.

kite flying is an art.

He is flying a kite.

She is flying a kite.

The bird is flying high.

I keep a log of my flying hours.

The boy is flying a kite.

The birds are flying in the sky.

The inspector paid a flying visit to our school.

He shot a flying bird.

If you work whole-heartedly you can come off with flying colours.

I am flying a kite.

I have always enjoyed flying.

I shall pass my final examinations with flying colours.

The birds are seen flying out of their nests.

Man can travel by fast-flying planes.

The openers of team made a flying start.

The birds were flying away.

Machines, now, perform many duties starting from as simple a duty as cleaning the floor to flying the aeroplanes.

Will you not be flying a kite?

He came off with flying colours.

A celebration in the family keeps spirits flying high.

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