Fly in a sentence

A lot of older people also come there to fly kites.

A special string is required to fly kites.

Birds learn to fly by instinct.

Do you fly a kite ?

Do you fly frequently?

He knows how to fly a helicopter.

I caught sight of a fly escaping from the room.

I fly into a rage easily.

I fly kites from my terrace.

I like to fly kites from the big playground in our colony.

I saw a bird fly across the sky.

Men or women who fly planes are called pilots.

People fly colourful kites and adorn new clothes on this day.

Some planes fly faster than even the speed of sound.

That will fly on the market.

The birds fly very high in the sky.

The eagle soars very high.

They are a good airline to fly with.

Who can fly like birds ?

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