flora in a sentence

My country is rich in its flora and fauna and has a wide range of birds and animal sanctuaries.

Species after species of both flora and fauna might disappear from the face of earth because of global warming.

National parks are set up for preserving flora, fauna, landscapes and history objects of an area.

Indian wildlife is rich in its flora and fauna.

Implement afforestation projects by planting local trees to replace lost flora.

Usually, flora and fauna grow better in warm weathers than frosty climate.

Flora and fauna needs water for their survival.

Animals consume the needed flora to survive while not disturbing elements of nature that they do not require.

What is gut flora and why should it be improved?

Spring is a season of flora.

Most of the flora and fauna here are not to be found in the rest of the world.

Gourds are one of the most underrated vegetables in the flora family.

Which type of forest is richest in flora and fauna?

It helps in refreshing the intestinal flora and helps in killing parasites.

Probiotics help in keeping the gut flora happy.

She looked super stylish in the flora dress.

A healthy gut flora is very important for people who face hypothyroidism.

It is a flora inspired design.

Curd is full of healthy bacteria that replenish normal flora in the guts.

What does flora and fauna mean?

There are some normal flora in the vaginal tract.

Flora and Fauna forms a major part of Biodiversity.

Bursting of fireworks increased the pollution level, which had a negative impact on the flora and fauna.

This is the cause of the rapid deterioration of flora and fauna in the world.

Global warming is a great threat to the flora and fauna of the earth.

At one time, India had dense forests and was very rich in flora and fauna.

They are not only harmful to human beings but also all the flora and fauna .