flies in a sentence

The plane flies above the clouds.

The courtyard is infested with flies.

This place is swarming with flies.

My best friend flies abroad for check-up.

Time flies, but memories are there forever.

These days we are facing a hard time because of swarms of houseflies.

Time flies fast.

Flies make eatables unfit for consumption.

It is the breeding season for flies and mosquitoes.

Flies sit on eatables and make them unhygienic.

Flies are known to be the carriers of bacteria and viruses.

This pond has become a breeding ground for mosquitoes and flies.

Dumps have become breeding places for flies and mosquitoes.

Flies do not have teeth or a stinger.

Flies prefer warm temperatures.

How to Get Rid of Flies in Your Home?

Time flies on wings.

He flies a kite.

Your room is full of flies.

The town is five miles away as the crow flies.

Mussoorie is just seven miles from Dehra Dun as the crow flies.

A poet flies on the wings of fantasy.

If you live with dogs,you get up with flies.

Beauty has wings and too hastily flies.

The aeroplane flies very fast.

He has killed flies.

Time flies very fast.

The aeroplane flies faster than birds.

Flies go everywhere.

The heaps of garbage have become a breeding ground for mosquitoes and flies.

A closed mouth catches no flies.

He flies kites.

He flies a kite.

What is it that flies but has no wings?

A bird flies with the help of its wings.

This locality is full of flies and mosquitoes.

This plane flies between Osaka and Hakodate.

The hawk flies more swiftly than the crow.

An aero plane flies in the air.

He flies a kite.

An eagle flies very high.

Though time flies fast, it sometimes appears to move slowly.

Mosquitoes and flies are a common sight.

The airplane flies faster than birds.

The flies and mosquitoes have almost covered the area.

Mosquitoes and flies are also breeding over the stagnant water.

The buzzing of flies in the garden can be quite annoying during a picnic.

The hiker swatted at the flies that were bothering him as he walked through the woods.

The window screen was torn, allowing flies to enter the house.

The chef placed a fly swatter in the kitchen to deal with any flies that might come in.

The warm weather attracted swarms of flies to the outdoor food market.

The cow flicked its tail to ward off the flies that were bothering it.

The old barn was full of cobwebs and flies, indicating its lack of use.

The garbage can was covered in flies due to the leftover food scraps.

The fisherman used a fishing lure designed to imitate the movement of flies on the water’s surface.

The scientist studied the behavior of fruit flies to better understand genetics.

The screen door was closed to keep flies from getting inside the house.

The farmer sprayed insect repellent to protect his crops from flies and other pests.

The park had signs reminding visitors not to litter to avoid attracting flies.

The picnic table was covered with a mesh net to keep flies away from the food.

The abandoned dumpster had become a breeding ground for flies and other insects.

The playful dog chased after the flies that were buzzing around the yard.

The flycatcher bird swooped down to catch flies in mid-air, displaying its hunting skills.

The flowerbed attracted bees and butterflies, while flies hovered around decaying plant matter.

The horse stomped its hooves to shake off the flies that were bothering it.

The garbage can was infested with flies due to the rotting food inside.

The outdoor barbecue attracted flies, which were quickly shooed away by the guests.

The horse’s tail swished constantly to fend off the flies buzzing around it.

The fishing trip was less enjoyable due to the constant annoyance of biting flies.

The picnic was ruined as the relentless flies made it impossible to enjoy the food.

The butcher shop had to install screens to keep flies out and maintain hygiene.

The tropical climate was a paradise for mosquitoes and other pesky flies.

The old barn had a musty smell, and flies were swarming around the animal stalls.

The stagnant pond became a breeding ground for mosquitoes and other flying insects.

The cow sought refuge under a shady tree to escape the heat and bothersome flies.

The kitchen had a buzzing cloud of flies around the ripe fruit left on the counter.

The outdoor event had flypaper hanging around to capture flies and reduce their numbers.

The outdoor market had a display of colorful fly swatters for sale to combat flies.

The farmer used a natural insect repellent to keep flies away from the livestock.

The picnic table had a jar of citronella candles to repel flies and mosquitoes.

The campers used mesh tents to sleep without being bothered by flies and insects.

The hot summer weather led to an increase in the number of flies around the house.

The food was covered with mesh food domes to protect it from flies during the picnic.

The pet dog chased after flies, leaping around to catch them in mid-air.

The horse stomped its hooves and shook its head to rid itself of flies.

The open window invited a swarm of flies into the kitchen, creating a nuisance.

The buzzing of flies was the only sound in the still, humid air of the swamp.

The old barn had patches of flyspecks on the walls from generations of flies.

The horse’s tail flicked back and forth as it tried to rid itself of flies.

The outdoor concert was enjoyable, except for the constant presence of flies.

The fresh fruit left on the kitchen counter attracted a cloud of flies.

The barbecued meat was a magnet for flies, prompting the need for constant shooing.

The screen door was kept closed to prevent flies from entering the house.

The smell of garbage in the alley attracted a swarm of flies, creating an unsightly mess.


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