Five in a sentence

I’ll be there in five minutes.

There are five apples on the table.

She has five cats as pets.

We need five more chairs for the meeting.

The marathon is five miles long.

Five students received awards for their achievements.

It’s five o’clock; time to go home.

She turned five years old today.

Five books are required for the course.

The recipe calls for five eggs.

They planted five trees in the garden.

He scored five goals in the soccer match.

The five of us are going on a road trip.

The movie starts in five minutes.

The jury consists of five members.

We have five days to complete the project.

Five people attended the workshop.

I’d like to order five pizzas.

The new restaurant received five-star reviews.

They celebrated their fifth wedding anniversary.

The store opens at five in the morning.

Five singers will perform at the concert.

We will leave in five hours.

The team won by five points.

She needs to complete five tasks today.

He caught five fish during the fishing trip.

The store offers a five percent discount.

We need to buy five gallons of paint.

The pentagon has five sides.

She has a collection of five rare coins.

The cake will serve approximately five people.

The bus will arrive in five minutes.

She ran five kilometers in the race.

Five different flavors of ice cream are available.

The room can accommodate five guests.

The book has five chapters.

Five applicants were interviewed for the position.

There are five options to choose from.

He won five gold medals in the Olympics.

The restaurant is just five blocks away.

The lecture is scheduled for five hours.

She needs to read five more pages.

Five students are participating in the science fair.

The puzzle has five pieces missing.

The score is tied at five to five.

The car has five gears.

We’ll meet in five days to discuss the plan.

Five of us will be attending the conference.

She received a five-dollar bill as change.

The price is reduced by five percent.

The clock chimes every quarter-hour, including five o’clock.

They have been married for five years.

She’s going to take a five-minute break.

The countdown to the event begins at five.

There are five candidates in the election.

She completed five laps around the track.

He found a five-leaf clover in the garden.

The test consists of five sections.

They will arrive in five different cars.

Five cars were involved in the accident.

The company is celebrating its five-year anniversary.

He got a high-five from his teammate.

The recipe requires five ingredients.

She has a collection of five vintage dresses.

The team consists of five players.

Five people were injured in the accident.

They will be back in five days.

The horse race has five contenders.

She’s only five feet tall.

The menu offers five courses.

Five guests are expected at the party.

They will reach their destination in five hours.

She read five novels in a week.

There are five boxes to choose from.

The park is open from five in the morning.

The meeting will start in five minutes.

They completed the project in five days.

Five cities are part of the tour.

He scored five three-pointers in the game.

They are looking for five volunteers.

The store closes at five in the evening.

She has a collection of five rare stamps.

Five students won scholarships.

The room can comfortably fit five people.

She visited five countries during her trip.

The house has five bedrooms.

They have been friends for over five decades.

She purchased five new dresses.

There are five types of flowers in the garden.

He works from nine to five.

Five people are waiting in line.

She spent five hours studying.

They found five different solutions.

The meeting was rescheduled for five o’clock.

The budget allows for five employees.

They spent five days on a cruise.

The team consists of five members.

She reached a speed of five miles per hour.

The essay should be at least five pages long.

They will return in five weeks.

The exam has five sections.

She will be back in five minutes.

They will meet at five in the afternoon.

Five people can fit in the car.

She scored five points in the game.

The library is open until five o’clock.

They will have a five-day vacation.

She completed five assignments.

There are five tables in the restaurant.

The store is closed on weekends, except for five hours on Saturdays.

Five students will be selected for the program.

She baked five batches of cookies.

The meeting was postponed by five days.

They will arrive at five different times.

The garden has five different types of roses.

She took five photos during the trip.

The company celebrates five years of success.

The song is five minutes long.

They have five different phone models.

She gave the presentation in five different languages.

They have been neighbors for five years.

The plan is to visit five countries in two weeks.

She finished her meal in five minutes.

They will travel five hundred miles.

The appointment is at five in the morning.

She received five compliments on her artwork.

They need to cover five miles on foot.

She’s been practicing for five hours.

They will meet at five different locations.

The assignment is divided into five sections.

She bought five pairs of shoes.

They will leave at five in the evening.

The event is scheduled for five days.

She celebrated her fifth birthday.

They plan to run five kilometers.

She solved five puzzles.

They will have a five-course meal.

The store is open until five in the evening.

She will be back in five hours.

They need to complete five tasks.

She has a collection of five vintage cars.

They will return in five minutes.

The movie starts in five minutes.

She finished her presentation in five slides.

They have been married for five months.

She visited five countries during her vacation.

They plan to run five miles.

She received five gifts on her birthday.

They will meet at five different cafes.

The school’s classes start at nine and end at five.

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