fire in a sentence

Do not fire until I give you the signal.

I saw a house on fire.

He taught me how to light a fire without matches.

There is no smoke without fire.

Throw it in the fire.

Fire can give life as well as take life.

There is no fire in the hearth.

The pressure cooker began to sizzle when it was on fire for ten minutes.

In earliest times, man invented fire by rubbing wooden sticks or stones.

They are not taking fire safety norms seriously.

It is a blunder to put one’s hand into the fire.

Put out the fire.

Water can easily extinguish fire.

He lost all his assets in the fire.

Her eyes were spitting venom and fire.

Where there is smoke there is fire.

This matter has been hanging fire for a long time.

A burnt child dreads the fire.

His speech only added fuel to the fire.

He carried fire and sword wherever he went.

A fire broke out in the house.

Don’t play with fireworks.

The news spread as if it were a wild fire.

Extinguish the fire, please.

I saved the life of a child from fire.

The fire burns brightly.

The case has been hanging fire for long.

You will have to go through fire and water if you want to win the case in the court.

The building having caught fire, all the household articles were burnt to ashes.

The dry grass soon caught fire.

How did this house catch the fire ?

The fire was blazing in the fireplace.

At first fire was chiefly used to keep away wild beasts.

To sit by the fire on a cold evening is pleasant.

The captain ordered the soldiers to fire at the enemy.

Were firemen controlling the fire ?

The fire broke out in the factory.

The fire has affected nearly 150 acres of land in the surrounding villages, .

He suffered a heavy loss in a fire incident.

The forest fire had devastating consequences, destroying acres of natural habitat.

The fire drill at school helped students practice their evacuation procedures in case of an emergency.

The firefighter demonstrated proper fire safety techniques to the children at the school.

The ancient cave paintings suggest that early humans may have used fire for both warmth and light.

The arson investigation revealed evidence of accelerants used to start the fire intentionally.

The wildfire’s smoke obscured the sun, casting an eerie orange glow over the landscape.

The fire brigade organized a fundraising event to purchase new equipment for their station.

The fire chief conducted a thorough review of the department’s protocols after a challenging fire incident.

The firemen formed a human chain to pass buckets of water to douse the house fire.

The burning logs in the fireplace crackled and popped, creating a comforting ambiance.

The fire drill was conducted regularly to ensure that all staff members knew the evacuation procedures.

The firefighter rescued a scared kitten from the burning house, receiving gratitude from the pet’s owner.

The wildfire evacuation plan was executed swiftly, ensuring the safety of the entire community.

The children watched in awe as the fire dancer twirled and manipulated flaming batons.

The fireman’s quick response saved the family’s home from complete destruction.

The fire investigator meticulously collected evidence to determine the cause of the suspicious fire.

The fire damage to the historical landmark was extensive, requiring a significant restoration effort.

The fire suppression system in the kitchen activated, quickly extinguishing the grease fire.

The wildfire devastated acres of pristine wilderness, leaving behind charred remains.

The fire safety presentation emphasized the importance of having an escape plan for every household.

The fire safety campaign distributed brochures and pamphlets to raise awareness in the community.

The firefighter received a commendation for their bravery and quick action during a dangerous fire rescue.

The wildfire’s smoke caused health concerns for people with respiratory conditions in the area.

The firefighter’s bravery was recognized with a medal for rescuing multiple people from a burning building.

The fire alarm system automatically triggered, alerting the occupants to evacuate as smoke filled the hallway.

The fire marshal stressed the importance of practicing fire drills regularly to ensure preparedness.

The wildfire season prompted authorities to issue fire bans in the affected regions to prevent accidental fires.

The fire dancer’s mesmerizing performance captivated the audience with skillful manipulation of fiery props.

The fire suppression system in the commercial kitchen quickly extinguished a grease fire, preventing further damage.

The firefighter used a thermal imaging camera to locate hidden hot spots in the burned-out structure.

The fire safety workshop equipped participants with knowledge on fire prevention and emergency response.

The fire department organized a community event to promote fire safety awareness among children.

The fire warden conducted regular inspections to ensure that fire exits were unobstructed and accessible.

The arsonist was apprehended by the authorities before causing more harm with additional fires.

The fire investigator meticulously analyzed the evidence to rule out any foul play in the house fire.

The smoke from the nearby fire haze affected air quality, leading to health advisories for sensitive individuals.

The fire brigade members participated in rigorous training exercises to stay prepared for emergencies.

The firefighter’s courage was evident as they fearlessly entered the burning building to search for survivors.

The wildfire containment efforts involved strategic backburning to create firebreaks and control the fire’s spread.

The firemen worked in shifts around the clock to ensure continuous coverage during the wildfire crisis.

The fire prevention campaign included tips on proper storage of flammable materials and electrical safety.

The forest fire had devastating effects on the ecosystem, impacting wildlife and biodiversity.

The fire brigade’s rapid response prevented a minor kitchen fire from escalating into a major incident.

The fireman rescued a frightened cat from a tree, reassuring the relieved owner.

The wildfire’s destruction left many families displaced and seeking assistance from relief organizations.

The fire department held an open house event, allowing the public to explore fire engines and equipment.

The fire chief emphasized teamwork and communication as essential elements in fire response.

The fire investigator collaborated with law enforcement to identify and apprehend the arsonist responsible.

The wildfire evacuation centers provided shelter and support for displaced residents and their pets.

The firefighter’s dedication to the profession led them to mentor and train aspiring fire service recruits.

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