fire in a sentence

Do not fire until I give you the signal.

I saw a house on fire.

He taught me how to light a fire without matches.

There is no smoke without fire.

Throw it in the fire.

Fire can give life as well as take life.

There is no fire in the hearth.

The pressure cooker began to sizzle when it was on fire for ten minutes.

In earliest times, man invented fire by rubbing wooden sticks or stones.

They are not taking fire safety norms seriously.

It is a blunder to put one’s hand into the fire.

Put out the fire.

Water can easily extinguish fire.

He lost all his assets in the fire.

Her eyes were spitting venom and fire.

Where there is smoke there is fire.

This matter has been hanging fire for a long time.

A burnt child dreads the fire.

His speech only added fuel to the fire.

He carried fire and sword wherever he went.

A fire broke out in the house.

Don’t play with fireworks.

The news spread as if it were a wild fire.

Extinguish the fire, please.

I saved the life of a child from fire.

The fire burns brightly.

The case has been hanging fire for long.

You will have to go through fire and water if you want to win the case in the court.

The building having caught fire, all the household articles were burnt to ashes.

The dry grass soon caught fire.

How did this house catch the fire ?

The fire was blazing in the fireplace.

At first fire was chiefly used to keep away wild beasts.

To sit by the fire on a cold evening is pleasant.

The captain ordered the soldiers to fire at the enemy.

Were firemen controlling the fire ?

The fire broke out in the factory.

The fire has affected nearly 150 acres of land in the surrounding villages, .

He suffered a heavy loss in a fire incident.

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