fined in a sentence

The Principal fined me.

A student who is always late for college is likely to be fined or punished by his teachers and suffers a loss in studies.

He has been fined twice for speeding the vehicle.

Unless we are fined we do not pay heed to it.

He was fined for over speeding.

He was fined for breaking the traffic rules.

People should be fined for throwing garbage and filth everywhere.

I am fined.

Have you ever been fined?

Should people be fined for not voting?

He was fined for breaching the code of conduct.

Driver is fined for wrongful stopping of bus.

He was fined for tax evasion.

Farmers fined for burning stubble.

He is fined for power theft.

They were fined for harassing consumer.

He was fined for not submitting report to the higher authority.

They were fined for violating various provisions of the Food Safety Act.

He was fined for aggressive gesture.

He was fined in alcohol case.

They are being fined and harassed by the police.

He is fined for using foul language.

He was fined for the offence.

He was fined because he had copied in the examination.

The magistrate fined the motorist for driving at full speed.

He was not only fined but also expelled.

He was both fined and imprisoned.

He was fined for exceeding the speed limit.

She was fined for coming late.

He is fined and punished.

He was fined for his misconduct.

He was fined for coming late.

Whom had the principal fined ?

The teacher fined him.

You will be fined if you are late.

He was fined because of his absence.

He was fined because he was absent.

He was fined because he came late.

The Principal fined me for my misconduct.

He has been fined for remaining absent from the college.

He was fined heavily and also barred from playing for some time.

He was fined for drunken driving.

He was fined for illegal parking.

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