fine in a sentence

The bridegroom was dressed in very fine clothes.

He is a fine player of foot-ball.

It’s a fine night.

This is a fine opportunity.

Sometimes people have lost fine opportunities in life by being late for only a few minutes.

He puts on fine clothes.

It is fine to hear from a friend like you every now and then.

It is a very fine book.

How fine the fields are looking!

If it is fine this afternoon, we shall play cricket.

Our school is housed in a fine building.

He wrote some fine dramas.

It is a fine poem.

It is a fine poetry.

The weather is very fine today .

Dear Brother, I hope you are in fine spirits.

This book is fine when read.

It is fine next week.

It is a fine weather.

Being a fine day, we went on a picnic party.

This cloth is made of a fine fabric.

I have paid the fine.

Cricket is a fine open air exercise.

He was arrayed in very fine clothes.

I have a weakness for fine clothes.

The weather is fine all the year round here.

He is a good dancer and a fine singer.

It is very fine today.

He has a fine personality and is a vivacious fellow.

He is known for his mastery over the fine arts.

Everything looks fresh and fine in the early morning.

The movie was fine for the most part, except for the climax.

What a fine place !

She is a fine actress.

I hope you are in fine spirits.

How fine it would be !

Have they paid their fine ?

What a fine weather !

This is a very fine picture.

He is a fine young man.

Everything is fine here except that I miss you so badly.

He played a fine tune to our delight.

What a fine weather !

He possesses a fine physique.

I am proud of being a student of such a fine college.

Wrinkles or fine lines on forehead can make your face look worn-out and tired.

They choosing fine arts as a profession.

You will be just fine by rising above your problems and facing them with .

I hope the weather will be fine tomorrow.

We’ll climb the mountain if it is fine tomorrow.

We will go on a picnic if it is fine tomorrow.

It’s been a long while since we had such fine weather.

It’s fine with me.

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