find in a sentence

In this competitive world, without a proper degree and education, it is tough to find a suitable job.

Travellers find weather information, maps, transportation schedules and tickets and museum online.

You find many men and women colouring their hair now. This is the new fashion.

How to find a good friend is a matter of serious concern.

Every individual is creative or talented and it is not even difficult to find out where one’s interest lies.

Good relationship are hard to find and once developed should be nurtured.

If you want to manage your time effectively, first of all, find out where your time actually goes.

Our requirements force us to find ways of getting it.

He tried to find his way out of the forest but in vain.

Have you ever tried to find out why people smoke or drink?

People need to find ways to reduce chronic stress and anxiety in their lives.

Do not find fault in others work.

You have to find the motivation and set high goals for yourself in life.

An intelligent person will always find a correct solution to a problem.

Where will I find you?

Can you find your city on this map?

Production of nuclear energy will certainly help us find another source of energy.

I can’t find my bag.

We couldn’t find anywhere to stay.

It took us a long time to find somewhere to park the car.

He tried hard to find a job but he had no luck.

I looked for my keys but I couldn’t find them anywhere.

We’re trying to find a solution 3 Sue gets on well with her brother.

Do you think we’ll find a solution to the problem?

It took me a long time to find a job.

He moved heaven and earth to find out his missing son, but in vain.

I find it difficult to leave my bed before mid morning.

It is not easy for an animal in the wild to find food.

They exploit the poor for their selfish gains.

He was forced to find a job at the age of ten.

Can you find your way home ?

I find the two first chapters of this book very easy.

With the small income, I find it rather difficult to keep my head above water.

He was distressed to find his people lazy.

He searched for me for a while, but could not find me.

We can find it in nature only.

It was depressing to find him sick.

Go and find the driver who arrived here yesterday.

It was not easy for us to find his house.

We must find out the cause and get rid of it.

I find it difficult to express my meaning in words.

I can’t find my ticket. I must have lost it.

Walk along the river and you will find the school.

Don’t find fault with other people.

Don’t try to find fault with others.

It is easy to find fault with others.

How did you find my house?

I did not find some girls there.

Let’s find something to sit on.

It is of no use to try to find him in the crowd.

What defect can you find in the present system of education?

Please find someone who speaks French.

You will find this in a hardware store.

Try to find out if everything he said is true.

You’ll find the book in the library.

I have to find a part-time job.

You can always find baked goods somewhere on my grocery list.

I awoke to find a burglar in my room.

Who knows what you’ll find up in the attic?

Did you find your book?

It helps a young man find his place in the world if he has a mentor.

I searched high and low for my glasses but couldn’t find them.

I’m sure it wouldn’t be too hard to find out who hacked into our system.

I’m sure it wouldn’t be too hard to find another place to live.

He does not find her yet.

You’ll find this book very interesting.

Anyone would find it hard to run on such a hot day.

Can you find the time to play with our daughter?

It took a while to find my way through it.

He is always ready to find fault with other people.

Where did he find the money?

I awoke to find my suitcase gone.

I awoke to find myself lying on the floor.

I awoke to find a bird in my room.

I awoke to find myself famous.

I awoke to find myself lying on the sofa.

I awoke to find it snowing.

I can’t find my watch.

I need to find something interesting to do.

It was easy to find his office.

They always try to find fault with me.

You couldn’t find the book for me, could you?

You will find your book somewhere in my draw- ing room.

Could they mend it for me?

It is shocking to find the appliance having faulty wiring system.

Whenever you see him, you will find him fingering his nostrils.

How can I find out where it is?

How do I find Highway?

How do I find the baggage room?

Can we find out?

It’s not a question of you will find what your heart desires.

I find nothing bad in it.

I can’t find my pipe.

I can’t find him.

I can’t find him. Has he gone already?

You find that it is shaped by science.

Did you find the book interesting?

You’ll find both of the books interesting.

You will find the job easy.

I can’t find my vanity case.

Could you help me to find it?

I’m trying to find a green sweater in extra large.

He will find the bus stop easily.

He complained that he couldn’t find a job.

Where can I find a place to change money?

I’m sure you’ll find a good job.

He needs to find an apartment not too far from where he works.

No one could find pictures of me.

Whenever I think about you I find my self smiling.

So how can I find happiness?

For instance you can find a job more easily.

Sometimes men find it difficult to understand women and sometimes women find men’s behavior ridiculous.

You won’t find a better job in a hurry.

You find it in any dictionary.

He tries to find ways to pass time.

He can’t find his ticket.

He couldn’t find a good place to hide the key.

He couldn’t find a good place to hide.

He couldn’t find anybody to go with him

He couldn’t find his key anywhere.

Call me if you find something.

I find this hard to believe.

I can’t find my glasses. I may have left them behind in the train.

Don’t find fault with your friend.

Could you find me an attorney?

He was overjoyed to find out that his son had succeeded.

His sin will find him out.

I got lost trying to find the library.

The boy could not find his way out of the maze.

Where can I find toothpaste?

I cannot find fault with him.

I visited him only to find him absent.

I had the luck to find a good job.

I can find a tree by the house.

We could not find out her address.

You will find a hearty welcome here whenever you call.

You will always find a good friend in me.

The theory will find general acceptance.

I will find you a good doctor.

How do I find Highway?

How do I find the baggage room?

Please find someone who speaks French.

Can we find out which one they’ll use?

He had to find another way.

Why can’t I find out those things?

They know how to find the man.

How will they find the man?

Did he find the correct answer?