field in a sentence

The farmer is working in the field.

The runners were running in the field, one after the other.

He is sowing seeds in the field.

I am creative especially in the field of art and music.

We put a hedge around a garden or a field.

A herd of cattle was grazing in the field.

He showed many feats of valour in the battle field.

This is a competitive world and there is no field where there is no competition.

Both the teams came to the field in full splendour.

There is a lot of competition in every field.

He has expertise in this field.

He was toiling very hard in his field.

He had made several discoveries in the field of science.

The field was overgrown with grass.

He fled from the field of battle.

There is hardly any field which is untouched by computers.

He was successful in every field of writing.

It has won a great name in the field of sports.

He works in his field in severe cold and in scorching heat.

The soil of this field is fertile.

It is essential in every field of life.

When the captain left the field his team followed suit.

Were the farmers ploughing the field ?

Today woman is scaling new heights of success in every field of life.

New advances in the medical field have lessened the pain of every individual.

Nobody is equal to this young woman in the field of music.

The field is crying out for rain.

The field is full of wild flowers.

He was a successful writer in every field of writing.

We have must welcome change in every field of life.

We have made a great progress in the field of science.

My qualifications and field work will justify my claim for the post.

What though the field be lost ?

I run round the field every morning for exercise.

The field was thronged with spectators.

Many people work in this field now.

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