feet in a sentence

Looking after your feet in summer is one of the most important things you should keep in mind.

He has crow’s feet.

His feet are paining.

We dug a hole two feet deep.

My palms and feet instigated sweltering out of fear.

He ran so fast that his feet barely touched the ground.

I bow head at your feet.

She came home nearly bouncing on her feet with joy.

He fell at the feet of his mother.

Wash your feet before going to bed.

Success will kiss your feet if you labour hard.

He is around six feet tall.

I am five feet eleven inches.

It is a three feet wall.

Do not put your feet on the table.

If you walk with your feet bare, you are likely to catch cold.

He planted his feet on the slippery ground.

A person who has no hands and arms learns to do things with his legs and feet.

Success kisses the feet of those who have the will to reach their goal.

You must wipe your feet when you come in.

My younger brother is five and a half feet high.

I am about six’ feet long.

My feet are swollen from walking.

It’s a three feet-rule.

He goes to his office on feet.

The whole city was flooded with water rising several feet high.

She touched my feet respectfully.

If you let the grass grow under your feet, you will never rise in you life.

The sound of musical instruments can force anyone to tap his feet.

He is around six feet tall.

Do not touch my feet.

I am five feet and ten inches without shoes.

Success will kiss your feet if you labour hard.

As he came into the room all rose to their feet.

They’re hurting my feet.

She has small feet.

Stop shuttling your feet!

I touch the feet of my parents every morning.

I hurt my feet while playing.

The arrogant man digs a pit for his own feet.

Don’t touch my feet.

He wants to purchase a new car, but his father is dragging his feet.

He traveled to the shrine on feet.

If you walk with your feet bare, you are likely to catch cold.

This hall is forty feet long.

He jumped to his feet the moment he heard the news.

He pressed his feet hard.

The river is five feet deep.

The ceiling measures ten feet high.

He rose to his feet before the meal was over.

He rose to his feet and smiled at her.

Do your palms and feet soles sweat excessively?

Apply it over the sole of each foot and wrap your feet for the night.

Are your hands and feet perpetually cold?

Does your hands and feet feel rough and uncared for?

For this you need to stand with your feet together.

Make sure that you wash your feet after coming from outside.

My mother noticed that my feet weren’t clean.

Though I fell from about three feet I dislocated my elbow.

Almost all of us experience cold feet or numbness in our toes and fingers.

Have you been noticing lately that your feet are swollen?

Numbness in hands and feet can be a sign of several health problems.

Your feet are swollen because your shoes are too small.

If yes then there could be certain surprising reasons for your swollen feet .

Your skin on your feet begins to breathe and feels good.

In the monsoon season your feet gets wet due to the rain.

The road is ten feet in width.

Dry your feet well on a foot rug before you climb on the bed.

Her feet were bare

Why do people draw Lord Krishnas feet on Janmashtami.

The results are sure to amuse you and your pair of feet of course.

He rose to his feet to protect the people in the small town.

She is over five feet tall and very kind.

Here are some shoe hacks that will make all your feet issues go away.

He jumped to his feet the moment the bell rang.

He touched the feet of his parents.

He got to his feet and walked over to the window.

I am six feet tall.

They had to climb a wall six feet high.

Care for your feet every day with these tips to prevent infections.

My feet went to sleep and I couldn’t stand up.

He is five feet tall.

I felt very light on my feet afterwards.

He doesn’t have his feet on the ground.

Bathe your feet to get the dirt off.

What do you have your feet for?

My feet get cold.

Your feet are dirty.

To do this movement you stand with your feet.

I suppose I’ve got to get my feet wet sometime.

My hands and feet were as cold as ice.

He put his feet up on the coffee table.

My feet are small compared to yours.

He’s almost six feet in height.

Itchy hands and feet could be just due to dryness or dry texture of your skin.

Hygiene tips for feet to make them look naturally beautiful.

I’ve been on my feet all day

He is six feet in height.

The girl jumped to her feet and left the room.

The tree is four feet around.

Our feet carry us around and need the much deserved care.

This room is twelve feet by twenty-four feet.

He is almost six feet tall.

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