feel in a sentence

Please feel at home here.

We should feel for the poor.

We are able to feel pain, heat and cold, etc. with the help of the skin.

I feel most of the people do not like me.

Animals feel heat, cold and pain like us.

You can feel the enthusiasm by that way a person talks, walks or shakes hands.

I feel bored because of the dullness of his lectures.

I feel down and depressed.

I feel ill at ease whenever I visit some big city.

No one can make you feel inferior without your permission.

Self-esteem is the way we feel about ourselves.

I feel bad to part with my mother.

His informality made me feel at home at once.

I feel attached to my parental village.

I always feel ill-at-ease in a strange company.

I feel a little nauseous.

I didn’t feel very well at all.

Do you feel very hot?

This makes me feel better.

You are just saying all this to make me feel good.

I don’t feel like eating anything.

Whenever you need help, feel free to ask me.

If you don’t feel well by tomorrow, please come.

What do you feel like doing now?

Let us feel for our neighbours when they are in trouble.

I can feel the pain.

Why don’t you feel proud of your success ?

In the evening I feel tired with hard work.

You must feel sorry.

I feel you are wrong.

I feel great.

You feel sad.

I feel that my days are numbered.

Birds do not feel happy in cages.

Do you feel safe?

Do you feel awkward at parties and social gatherings?

I don’t feel at home there.

I feel bound to say.

Your comments can hurt her feelings.

I feel feverish.

I feel home-sick.

I feel at peace with myself now.

I feel at ease about it.

I feel guilty about it.

I feel embarrassed when I meet somebody for the first time.

Do you feel secure about the future?

You can never be happy if you feel envious of other people.

Does anyone feel sick?

I feel just fine.

His hands feel rough.

I feel morally indebted to her.

Don’t feel sad or ill at ease.

I really feel bad about it.

I feel deeply for you.

How do you feel about the Gulf War?

I don’t feel at ease here.

He made me feel at home.

I feel happiest when I am at home with my family.

I feel hungry.

Your words made him feel much better.

Every day I feel better and better.

I don’t feel like working today.

I don’t feel responsible for what happened.

He belittles others to make himself feel important.

His short stature makes him feel insecure.

I feel happy when I’m with you.

Cheerful people make you feel good.

I feel sick.

Yesterday I ate too much and now I feel sick.

For this bad weather I don’t feel like going out.

I feel like taking a hot spring bath tonight.

I feel like going to the movies.

I feel abashed at my mistake.

Do you ever feel like you’re running down?

Little babies’ cheeks feel like velvet.

The retired often feel that they are useless and unproductive.

I feel strongly that men and women are equal.

No wonder he didn’t feel like studying.

I feel like going on a trip.

I feel a little guilty that I didn’t invite him to join the celebration.

She didn’t feel like eating lunch.

How do you feel about your father?

I never imagined I’d feel this way about you.

I didn’t invite him to the party. I feel guilty about it.

I feel kind of sorry for him.

A hot bath made me feel much better.

I don’t feel like studying.

I feel like dancing in the fields.

Don’t feel so bad. There’s always someone worse off than you.

Do you feel that the media presents the news fairly?

I feel much better today.

I feel sorry.

At times I feel like quitting my job.

I feel like singing.

I feel quite at ease among strangers.

I feel very sorry for him.

My ears feel plugged up.

I feel like getting some fresh air.

I feel hungry after a long walk.

It’s a nice day and I feel like taking a walk.

Make him feel that he is still someone important.

She didn’t feel comfortable with my friend.

If we would rest a little we would feel surely very much refreshed.

Do you feel like resting?

How can I feel relaxed

I feel for you.

You make me feel so guilty.

I feel indebted to you for your help during my illness.

You should feel the oil draining down your ear.

They feel like fish out of water, and start withering away.

They feel too tired, too busy, too out of shape, .

There is nothing to feel disheartened about.

I feel stressed at office, and can’t deal with the situation.

I don’t feel like competing with anyone.

I go to the gym more to feel good than look good .

Even though they can’t see it they feel it is present and working.

I didn’t feel like buying a car.

I feel really respected.

He didn’t really feel like going out.

He didn’t really feel like swimming.

He didn’t really feel like eating Korean food.

He doesn’t know what to say to make Mary feel better.

He says he doesn’t feel tired.

He didn’t feel like sitting for two hours in a movie theater.

He didn’t feel like studying at all.

I feel like taking a rest.

He didn’t feel like talking.

I feel nothing but contempt for such dishonest behavior.

He didn’t feel that he was ready.

He didn’t feel up to going out.

How do you feel today?

On the other hand living in isolation will make anyone feel insecure and introvert.

I feel uncomfortable in this chair.

How did you feel about the game?

I didn’t feel well

Being with you makes me feel happy.

He didn’t feel very confident.

He didn’t feel anything.

He couldn’t help but feel sentimental.

I hope you feel better tomorrow.

I am passionate about acting, and I feel that I can make my mark in this profession.

Families boost our confidence and make us feel loved.

I feel so good!

I feel the uncertainty of life.

His words made me feel uneasy about my future.

The turtles feel rough.

The bunnies feel fluffy.

They try to make her feel better.

She does not feel hot anymore.

I have neglected you so long that I feel a bit shy in visiting you.

The bus ride made her feel so sick that she began to vomit.

It’s easier to get along with you when your children don’t feel like you’re suffocating them under restrictions.

She has a feel for beauty.

For a few minutes you made me feel as if I actually meant something to someone.

They don’t feel my pain.

I just write to feel better.

When you feel like quitting think about why you started.

How did he feel in his presence?

Strive to look and feel younger.

I don’t feel so good.

I feel good.

Do you feel better today?

I feel like I’ve done all I can. Now all there is to do is wait and see what comes of it.

I feel sort of dizzy and I feel like throwing up.

I don’t want to feel blue.

I will come provided I feel well enough.

Please feel free to use my dictionary.

Please feel free to express yourself.

Please feel free to ask me questions.

I feel that something is wrong.

How do you feel now?

Do you feel sick?

You will really feel sorry to see them personally.

If toxins accumulates in your body you will feel tired.

Pour a little of this oil on the palms of your hands and rub then them together till you feel the palms turning warm.

At night, people tried to feel the cosiness of the quilt.

How do the rich feel about work missing from their lives ?

How did he feel after he had paid for the book ?

I feel sorry for my rudeness.

What do you feel about the sharing out of money ?

Young boys feel the thrill of speed.

If they get hurt, we feel the pain.

I thought I would feel home-sick, but nothing of the kind.

If the poet feels nothing when he writes a poem, his readers will feel nothing when they hear it.

If I feel any doubt, I ask.

They feel safe around you.

This means that you will start to feel hungry in no time.

This will lead to more exhaustion and you will feel more tired.

I understand exactly how you feel about it

I am sure you feel the truth

I don’t feel very well.

I feel that we should tell him.

They lived in miserable conditions.

I feel for the poor.

I feel home-sick.

Mother, I feel like a bird in the cage.

You must feel sorry for the mess you have made.

They told me that I would feel a little better if I took this medicine.

You will feel like you are pushing down your heels on the floor.

I do feel injustice has been done.

Losing weight can make you feel tired if your diet plan is faulty.

I feel like crying.

I feel refreshed.

I really feel for you.

I don’t feel well. Could you give me some medicine?

I feel cold. Do you mind closing the window?

Don’t you feel cold?

I do feel the cold.

I feel homesick when I remember my family.

Don’t you feel like going to the movies?

I don’t feel like going to the movies. Let’s take a walk instead.

Do you feel like going swimming?

A sound sleep made me feel better.

Please feel free to ask me any question.

I feel very chilly.

I feel like a brand new person.

I feel very cold.

I don’t feel like it.

How do you feel about it?

I feel very sick.

How do you feel about the issue?

We have to take great pains to make our guests feel comfortable.

I always feel gloomy.

I always feel sleepy.

I feel uncomfortable with those people.

My shoulders feel stiff.

Did you feel the earth shake just now?

I don’t feel like sleeping just now.

I feel like going out today.

I feel better today

I don’t feel like working today.

I feel better today.

Do you feel any better today?

I feel well today.

I feel a little bad today.

I feel like eating out tonight.

I don’t feel like watching TV tonight.

I feel a bit feverish tonight.

I feel like eating something.

I don’t feel like eating anything.

I do not feel myself equal to the task.

I feel as I can rely on things now.

How do you feel about what she said?

My eyes feel gritty.

My eyes feel itchy.

My eyes feel irritated.

I don’t feel like working. How about going to a movie instead?

I feel happier than I’ve ever felt before.

My ears feel stuffy.

My ears feel like they’re stuffed up.

Every new day you feel good.

Women like men who make them feel special.

I don’t feel like helping you.

Today I don’t feel like doing anything.

I didn’t feel like eating.

I didn’t feel like eating lunch.

You always try to do the best but you feel you can always be better.

A true friend never lets you feel hesitant or sad or inferior about something.

At times women also feel insecure due to open defecation practices.

At what age can the babies feel the absence of their mother?

Due to the rise in prices many people feel their incomes to be too low.

Family helps make me feel stress-free and everyone is there to help me.

First of all doing something useful makes a person feel better.

Friendship makes life more entertaining and it makes you feel loved.

I always look forward to my birthday as I feel very happy and important on this day.

I miss my school a lot and often give it a visit when I feel too nostalgic.

Art helps us feel relaxed and forget about our problems.

It has been proven scientifically that when we express our gratefulness to other people we feel happier and calmer.

It is something that you feel from within.

People would certainly feel better if they do more tasks.

The more we communicate the less we suffer and the better we feel about everything around.

The teachers are like our second parents and they make the students feel home when they are far away from home.

There is no harm in hanging out with friends whenever you feel the pressure is too much.

This makes a student feel secure and that they know a teacher plays the role of a parent in school.

This will make them feel near to the cause and a positive change could cause them to take effective actions.

We feel someone is always there for us.

True friends are like the best assets of our life because they share our sorrow sooth our pain and make us feel happy.

We have begun to feel that life without the modem scientific gadgets is impossible.

Write about all the things that make you happy and feel content.

I don’t feel sorry for her.

I feel a little uncomfortable bringing this up

I feel feverish.

I feel like I’m being drawn into your eyes.

Family helps make me feel stress-free and everyone is there to help me.

You will feel fresh and fit.

You should feel sorry for your mistake.

How did he feel then?

Sir, I shall feel obliged if you publish the following lines in your paper.

He will ever try to make everyone feel at his ease.

Should I be given an appointment, I shall feel obliged.

I don’t feel much difficulties these days.

I feel hungry.

I feel sick.

Do you feel hungry?

Want to feel the high of an adrenaline rush?

I only eat when I feel hungry.

You’ll feel refreshed and rejuvenated.

Our guests also feel terrified.

Do you feel your talent .

I do not know how you feel but I always feel as if she were there.

If you feel lonely any time ring me up.

I feel the touch of the cool breeze.

I feel lonely when you are gone.

I feel hungry.

I feel like vomiting.

Some of these quotes will help you feel motivated.

I feel better today.

I feel comparatively better today.

He will feel no pain.

All the people feel impressed.

People feel pity for the boy.

Although it was an ordinary train, I did not feel bored.

What did he feel about it?

What made him feel badly?

If you come out, you feel that the sun is raining fire.

When I enter my garden, I feel like entering a kingdom of my own.

How did he feel about it?

Why did he feel this way?

What did he feel about his toe?

How did he feel after the operation?

Why did he feel badly?

In what situation do strangers meeting for the first time feel uncomfortable ?

You will feel refreshed after playing.

He couldn’t feel any front teeth with his tongue.

They feel inspired and fascinated.

Without English we will feel cut off from the world.

The idlers will feel bored.

There is no sphere of life where we do not feel its impact.

They feel homesick.

But, their minds feel blank and puzzled.

I feel that the government of a country can do a lot to improve the lot ‘ of its people.

I advise you not to feel disappointed.

I feel very much relieved I have done my papers very well.

I could not feel at home.

But in our hearts we feel that they are a burden.

The patrol were beginning to feel sorry for him.

Some people feel that it is a socio-cultural problem.

Stress can also make you feel hungry all the time.

This way the children will not feel embarrassed.

Parents feel embarrassed to talk openly with their children in this regard.

Parents feel embarrassed to talk openly with their children in this regard.

This can make them feel important and relieved.

One may face challenges during the course of practising but should not feel dejected in such a case.

We do not want you to feel helpless.

How will they feel?

You have said that you feel weak.

They never let me feel lonely.

All the same I feel sorry for it.

Nobody can feel bored in his company.

I feel I should have extra coaching in this subject.

I shall feel obliged to you for your act of kindness.

I did not feel like coming back.

People feel uneasy.

I feel that prayer to God gives man inward strength.

I did not feel like going to school after Sunday holiday.

You should feel sorry for your rudeness.

You should feel sympathy for the fallen people.

She has taken to heart the death of her only son.

After that remove it and breathe deeply for some time to feel better.

I could feel the blood rising in my cheeks.

Also hangovers spoil your whole day and make you feel sick.

I feel puzzled when a young lady makes eyes at me.

I feel some gang of thieves is operating in the city.

One does not feel sorry when one acts in good faith.

How does he feel now?

I feel shame at his conduct.

Only do the right and you will have no reason to feel ashamed.

As summer is approaching the seasonal heat can make you feel irritated with your long or short hair.

But I feel that my days are numbered.

But what I could never feel was her touch.

I feel sick.

I feel pity for the refugees.

We feel sympathy for persons afflicted with leprosy.

They made him feel little better.

I feel it will be nice for him.

How will they feel?

How did he feel when he looked at him for the first time ?

I didn’t feel like coming back.

All the same I feel sorry for it.

You have said that you feel weak.

Nobody can feel bored in his company.

They never let me feel lonely.

If ever I feel bored, I hear old songs.

I feel I should have extra coaching in this subject.

People feel uneasy.

I did not feel like coming back.

Despite all this they feel fit and fine throughout the day.

When we sit there, we don’t feel the heat of the sun.

But he didn’t at all like to feel badly.

Although the night was dark, he did not feel afraid.

We should feel for the animals.

I shall feel obliged to you if you investigate the matter at your earliest.

Do you feel like you are pressurized in your relationship?

Do you feel cooking is a task?

Do you feel hungry in the middle of the night?

Do you feel hungry very often?

Do you feel like a slave?

Do you feel that you need to get separated now?

Do you feel that your morning walk session is tiring and exhausting?

Do you feel the same?

Dont you feel hungry just by looking at food?

Dont you feel that .

I feel I ought to bring up this matter at the next meeting.

Yet when we feel like this, we make a mistake.

Summer makes you feel sweaty and dehydrated the entire day.

After school he did not feel like playing baseball.

We shall feel happy all the time.

If you feel too hot, why don’t you take off your coat?

Do you feel like going for a swim.

They feel happy as they watch the children at play.

Every student will be made to feel that he is an Indian first and Indian last.

I feel so lonely here.

I could feel the blood rising in my cheeks.

I don’t feel like studying.

How old your wife is?

I feel like vomiting.

Please do not feel like a typical Hindi film hero.

If I feel any doubt, I ask.

I am well,I do not feel very strong.

He doesn’t feel well.

This weight pulls you down causing you to fall or to feel giddy.

When circulation in the legs gets affected you tend to feel uneasy.

You have been cheated hurt and feel violated.

Don’t you feel well?

We shall all feel disappointed if you do not rise up to our expectations.

I feel a little sick to my stomach.

I feel rather dizzy.

How do you feel now?

Not only children but their parents too feel the pressure of exams.

When you feel cold, your blood vessels constrict, which reduces blood .

Whatever you said to him made him feel better.

I feel profound sympathy for the victims.

I don’t feel like going out.

I feel relieved.

I feel as if I’ve woken up from a nightmare.

I feel it now.

Do you feel any attraction for this book?

Please feel free to have a second helping.

I feel a lot better now

I feel guilty about having told a lie.

Do you feel like going to the theater?

I feel sick whenever I see blood.

Did you feel an earthquake last night?

I feel like taking a walk.

I feel fresh after a walk.

I feel sympathy for people with that disease.

At times I feel sad.

He knows the art of making people feel at home.

I didn’t really feel like going out.

I feel refreshed after taking a walk.

I always feel tense.

Do you feel birthdays are important?

Do you feel like eating?

He didn’t feel like waiting.

How would you feel if your wife left you?

He went out of his way to make Mary feel at home.

They try to make her feel better.

We think too much and feel too little.

Does this feel right?

It makes me feel like I’m taller.

The really great man is the man who makes every man feel great.

Above all I feel the quality that appeals to me the most is her compassion.

Also you feel a connection with the soil in a village.

It is important to be kind because it makes one feel good about oneself.

I feel sad that in the modern era many people don’t believe in God.

I feel blessed to study in one of the most prestigious and esteemed schools of the city.

I feel at peace when I spend time with her.

I feel very special and enjoy the day very much.

She is the one who can effortlessly make me feel great.

If we were going by boat I’d feel much happier.