Favourite-word meaning in hindi

Noun : इष्ट, कृपापात्र, मुंहलगा, प्रिय व्यक्ति, प्रीतिपात्र

Adjective : अनुकूल, प्रिय, मनभावन, औरों से अधिक प्रिय

Example Sentences :

My favourite sport is football.

Tennis is my favourite sport.

His favourite pastime is playing computer games.

Who is your favourite TV star?

My favourite game is football.

This is my favourite subject.

They sit glued to the television set to watch their favourite programme.

He is my favourite teacher.

My favourite sportsman is Kapil Dev.

English is my favourite subject.

Swimming is his favourite pastime.

He being the favourite son of his father, got a lion’s share of the patrimony.

Rice and curry is his favourite dish.

Jean and Kurta seems to be their favourite dress.

My favourite flower is rose.

Which is your favourite book?

What was your favourite food in childhood?

She is singing her favourite song.

Hindi is my favourite subject.

Reading is his favourite pastime.

Tennis is my favourite recreation.

Bread and Butter is my favourite breakfast.

My favourite flower is rose.

I like to play with my favourite toys.

Which is your favourite colour?

Flying kites is a favourite sport but to bet on them is bad.

Mathematics is my favourite subject.

Hockey is my favourite game.

Gardening and reading are my favourite hobbies.

He is a favourite of the boss.

One can do certain things to make this day a favourite day .

Does baby have a favourite breast when breastfeeding.

Tea is one of the most favourite beverages among Indians.

Which is your favourite recipe?

You can use your favourite scrub for exfoliation regularly.

Your favourite teacher has a major role to play in your life.

Of all the Indian spices, his favourite is black cardamom.

They know your favourite restaurant because you take them there every week .

Spices are the longtime favourite of most people .