fate in a sentence

Man is the architect of his own fate.

Leave him to his fate.

His fate hangs in the balance.

Sometimes we all bow to fate.

We must stop finding solutions by blaming our fate and live a life of negativity.

A man who resigns to fate in despair does not help himself in any way.

We cannot have control over fate.

My fate was still hanging in the balance?

I left everything to fate.

If anything goes wrong, we should not find fault with our fate.

Before the declaration of the result the fate of a student hangs in the balance.

We left him to his fate.

Fate plays a big role in human life.

I would just leave it to its fate.

I have resigned myself to my fate.

He has resigned himself to his fate.

She resigned herself to her fate.

Fate changed my life with one stroke.

The wheel of fate keeps on moving.

It was her fate to die young.

It was his fate to live a lonely life.

Our fate depends on your decisions.

I was face to face with fate in the form of a question paper.

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