fast in a sentence

She keeps a fast on every Tuesday.

I am on fast today.

He can not fast even for a day.

She is a fast friend of my sister.

Life in a big city is very fast.

The door was stuck fast. We couldn’t open it.

She runs very fast.

My watch is five minutes too fast.

He is my fast friend.

This is a fast train.

This clock is 10 minutes fast.

Many persons ran away, but his fast friends sat tight.

He ran fast although his leg was injured.

Negative thoughts have the tendency to grow and multiply fast and trap us in their harmful fold.

He is a very fast bowler.

He is recuperating very fast and his medical reports are normal.

When will you break your fast?

Today life is very fast.

He ran fast and was soon out of sight.

What are you running so fast for?

My watch is fast by five minutes.

She was fast asleep.

She is fast losing her patience.

The children of today are very fond of fast food and fizzy’ drinks.

He is driving the bus at a fast speed.

He ran fast so that he might catch the train.

They were fast friends.

Walk fast lest you should miss the train.

Move fast if you want to win.

The car was moving so fast that it disappeared from view in a few seconds.

Don’t drive so fast or you’ll be fined for speeding.

Car is a fast but luxurious means of travel.

Best friends are very rare in these fast changing days.

Life today is very fast and mechanical.

It is a fast train.

How fast he runs !

She ran so fast that she won the race.

The snow fell so fast that our footsteps were soon covered up.

You can’t type as fast as I can.

How fast does he drive?

He speaks so fast that he cannot be understood.

This river flows too fast to swim in.

He runs as fast as he can.

He spoke so fast I couldn’t take in what he said.

Do you hear how fast he speaks?

He is a very fast swimmer.

We’re working as fast as we can.

You ran as fast as you could.

How fast he can run!

He runs as fast as he can

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