family in a sentence

  1. I love my family.
  2. Each member of your family must have his or her own toothbrush.
  3. She prepares the breakfast for all the members of the family.
  4. The Internet helps us to keep in touch with our family and friends.
  5. How many members are there in your family?
  6. He worked hard from dawn to dusk to feed his family.
  7. Whatever I am today is only because of my family.
  8. A wedding in a family is a great time of celebration.
  9. Broccoli belongs to the cruciferous vegetable family.
  10. They have to work the whole day to earn their daily bread and feed their family.
  11. Do you like to travel with your family?
  12. I love all the members of my family.
  13. A small family is a happy family.
  14. The cook served the family for many years.
  15. Have you any news from my family ?
  16. Look after my family when I am away.
  17. He inquired after my family members.
  18. He came with his family members.
  19. She is in the family way.
  20. In this hour of grief we are with the family members of those who lost their kith and kin in the tragedy.
  21. She talked on and on about her family problems.
  22. His family was glad to hear that he had arrived safely.
  23. Everyone in his family is tall.
  24. They were of a respectable family
  25. I miss my family and my country.
  26. My family isn’t such a big family.
  27. He family lives in Boston.
  28. Who’s your favorite family member?
  29. My family is under the control of my mother.
  30. I can’t keep track of our family budget.
  31. He took charge of the family business after his father died.
  32. How do you spell your family name?
  33. This silverware set has been in my family for generations.
  34. Did you bring your family with you?
  35. He has a large family to support.
  36. My family is a large one.
  37. I put my family before my career.
  38. His family lacks for nothing.
  39. His family members are all tall.
  40. His family is large.
  41. His family works in the fields.
  42. His family adored .
  43. His family has to live on his small income.
  44. His family will be told of his death.
  45. His family was poor.
  46. He prepared his family for the move.
  47. No sooner had he met his family than he burst into tears.
  48. He works hard in order to keep his family in comfort.
  49. He deserted his family and went abroad.
  50. My wife is in the family way and she has been advised complete bed rest by her doctor.
  51. After doing my MBA, I joined my father in our family business.
  52. This threw the whole family into mourning.
  53. In family matters, his opinion goes for nothing.
  54. My whole family is addicted to it.
  55. His family had disowned him.
  56. His family members inspired him immensely.
  57. Touch feet of elder in family.
  58. We love our family and friends.

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