Faith-word meaning in hindi

Noun : यकीन धार्मिक निष्ठा, विश्रंभ, यक़ीन, मज़हब, ईमान, सच्चाई, श्रद्धा, विश्वास, विचारधारा, धर्म, मत, भरोसा, भक्ति, प्रत्यय, प्रतीति, निष्ठा, निश्चय

Adjective : भरोसेमंद

Example Sentences :

My faith in this country was never shaken.

I have no faith in your story.

She has a firm faith in the kindness of God.

This flag is the token of their faith in us.

One must have faith in God.

We have lost faith in God or a Supreme power.

She has full faith in God.

I have great faith in her ability.

Every successful man was failed many times but with their unshaken faith and strong will, they become successful one day.

Those who have faith in them can move the mountains.

Gandhiji had great respect for faith in religion.

In adversity, he has faith in honesty.

I have faith in your ability to do the right thing.

He will not steal my money; I have faith in him.

To lose faith in God is to lose your guide.

Have faith in yourself and in the future.

Children usually have faith in their parents.

She has faith in her beauty.

We must have faith in the president.

It is unwise to put blind faith in a person without knowing him first.

It was because she had faith in his capabilities.

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