Failure-word meaning in hindi

Noun : भूल, कार्य का न होना, असफलता आदमी, अपेक्षित कार्य न कर पाने की स्थिति, असफल प्रयास, असफल व्यक्ति, शिकस्त, नाकामयाबी, हार, विफलता, विघात, अवरोध, न्यूनता, दिवालियापन, दिवाला, चूक, घटती, गिरावट, खराबी, कमी, असिद्धि, असफलता

Example Sentences :

His failure was due to his idleness.

She is apprehensive of failure in the finals.

What will happen if there’s power failure now?

The enterprise turned out to be a failure in the end.

The undertaking was a failure from the beginning.

I blame him for our failure in the negotiations.

One failure followed another.

Success or failure is all the same to me.

Defeat and failure make people too humble.

His failure in the examination drove him to despair.

They blamed him for the failure of the company.

She attributed her failure to illness.

He is a complete failure as a father.

The failure is due to his carelessness.

It’s not fair to attribute your failure to your parents.

His failure to tell me the truth caused an accident.

The primary cause of his failure is laziness.

His failure led to his resignation.

The immediate cause of his failure was lack of study.

It is his carelessness that has brought about his failure in the examination.

We should make failure a stepping stone to success.

What is the cause of his failure ‘?

His timidity caused his failure in business.

His failure has distressed his parents.

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