facing in a sentence

I am facing a great hardship.

I am facing a great hardship without the bicycle.

Man has been facing natural disasters since times immemorial.

These days the World is facing the serious problem of terrorism.

We are facing a new problem.

I am facing some difficulties regarding my budget.

I am facing a great hardship.

We are facing acute water shortage this summer.

The people living in this locality are facing acute scarcity of water.

He is facing an accusation of theft.

They are facing a tough enemy.

He exhibited much boldness in facing the critical situation.

Population is one of the problems facing our country today.

India is facing many problems.

We are facing severe food shortages.

He was facing financial problems; his friend saved his bacon.

He is facing the trial.

What difficulties are they facing now?

Hair loss might sound normal to everyone but it is not the same for people facing this condition.

The inborn nature of a person normally cannot be changed even after facing lots of ups and downs in life.

Theater makes a child confident in facing people without any fear.

Stand on your toes, lift your body with arms facing up.

They are facing a serious problem.

Stretch your arms above your head with your palms facing each other.

He is facing great financial difficulties.

I’m facing that problem myself.

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