faces in a sentence

Many new faces are given a break in the film industry.

Many new faces are given a break in films every year.

Sometimes two persons have similar faces.

He lives among the smiling faces and young hearts.

My houses faces east.

The dust covered our clothes and faces.

A brave man puts up a bold front when he faces any danger.

Their faces beamed with joy and hope.

They look cheerful from their faces.

A man faces many ups and downs in his life.

Our office faces east.

Ladies beautify their faces.

They had put on masks on their faces.

Usually human beings wear many faces on their face.

People admire the new faces in this profession.

They greeted us with friendly faces.

The front of my house faces a park.

My house faces East.

Worry and Hope are two faces of life.

He faces failures with a smile.

Everybody faces criticism born out of jealousy.

A soldier faces death bravely.

They made faces at us.

Most of the people make faces while looking into a mirror.

This hotel faces the sea.

Our house faces the beach.

My house faces the sea.

My house faces to the south.

She made faces at that woman.

He faces a dilemma.

My room faces east.

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