extremely in a sentence

  1. I am extremely satisfied with my Hollywood debut and it is a dream come true for me.
  2. It is extremely hot today.
  3. I am extremely proud of my country.
  4. He is extremely passionate about acting.
  5. It was extremely hot yesterday.
  6. It is extremely foolish to waste time in reading trash.
  7. He worked extremely hard in his studies and succeeded in becoming a professor of mathematics.
  8. The atmosphere at home is such that I find extremely difficult to concentrate on my studies.
  9. I am extremely sorry for the late reply to your letter.
  10. You seem to be extremely tired.
  11. He is extremely mature for his age.
  12. They are extremely sensitive regarding their food intake and remain extremely irritable and cranky.
  13. I am extremely passionate about my job.
  14. Extremely hot weather predicted for two days.
  15. I think the future is extremely bright for you.
  16. I am extremely worried about my future.
  17. He is extremely disturbed.
  18. He was extremely puritanical.
  19. It was extremely hurtful for me.
  20. You have to be extremely protective of speech.
  21. He is extremely hardworking and fully dedicated.
  22. I am extremely thrilled for him.
  23. They are extremely fond of each other.
  24. He is extremely ruthless to me.
  25. I am extremely persistent like you and don’t give up easily.
  26. This matter is extremely urgent.
  27. He seems extremely nervous.
  28. She is extremely proud of her beauty.
  29. I am extremely possessive and protective about him.
  30. The threat of global warming may become extremely serious if the current trend continues.
  31. She is extremely intelligent.
  32. We must be extremely careful while choosing friends.
  33. I am extremely sad to hear of your injuries.
  34. He is extremely scared.
  35. He is extremely wicked and of cruel nature.
  36. He is extremely moody.
  37. They’re extremely boring, don’t you think?
  38. He told extremely humorous jokes.
  39. He is extremely moody.
  40. Discipline is extremely important.
  41. We are not used to extremely cold climate.
  42. It is extremely difficult.
  43. She is extremely beautiful.
  44. It was an extremely cold day.
  45. She is extremely talkative.
  46. She is an extremely beautiful girl.
  47. She is extremely gentle.
  48. These days it is extremely difficult to make both ends meet with such a low salary.
  49. The carrier pigeon is extremely attached with its home.
  50. It is extremely cold these days.
  51. She is extremely happy today because she has been engaged to a boy of her choice.
  52. This is an extremely difficult sum.
  53. He is extremely decent and courteous with his class-fellows.
  54. He is extremely desirous of money.
  55. Cases of smallpox are extremely rare.
  56. He felt extremely irritated.
  57. He is extremely fond of you.
  58. This scheme was extremely economical.
  59. She was extremely gorgeous
  60. The carrier pigeon, like the cat, is extremely attached with its home.
  61. The next morning I found myself somewhat refreshed but I was extremely hungry.
  62. I am extremely sorry to say so.
  63. It tasted extremely bitter, but within an hour or so I began to feel relieved.
  64. I am extremely obliged to you
  65. I was extremely perplexed
  66. Flatterers are extremely selfish persons.
  67. I have done extremely well in all the subjects.
  68. Since Ayurvedic medicines are effective and have no side effects they are becoming extremely popular today.
  69. Sleep is extremely important for us .
  70. These tops have never gone out of fashion and look extremely cute.
  71. They are extremely good for your health.
  72. At first glance this may sound extremely Utopian and unrealistic.
  73. Their equipment is extremely advanced.
  74. Winter in this area was extremely cold.
  75. They performed extremely well.
  76. I often feel extremely exhausted.
  77. Computers are capable of doing extremely complicated work.
  78. Today is extremely hot.
  79. It was an extremely cruel war.
  80. It was extremely cold.
  81. Since we were going out for the first time, we were extremely excited.
  82. They are extremely alike.
  83. This matter is extremely important to us.
  84. This area is extremely isolated.
  85. This wine is extremely delicious.
  86. I’m extremely embarrassed that it has taken so long to reply.
  87. It was extremely hot.
  88. It is extremely doubtful that he will succeed• in this work.
  89. He is a extremely good boy.
  90. Her condition is extremely pitiable.
  91. he is extremely gentle.
  92. He was extremely happy.
  93. I am extremely sorry for not attending your birthday party.
  94. he was extremely busy.
  95. It is extremely difficult.
  96. She was extremely beautiful.
  97. She is extremely lovely.
  98. God is extremely merciful.
  99. It was an extremely cold day.
  100. She is extremely talkative.
  101. I am extremely sorry.
  102. Summer is extremely hot in this tropical country.
  103. These days nights are extremely cold.
  104. The subject is extremely interesting
  105. The exam was extremely difficult.
  106. It is extremely cold these days.
  107. The weather became extremely cold.
  108. They’re extremely boring, don’t you think?
  109. We are not used to extremely cold climate.
  110. Avoid extremely spicy food as it may cause gastrointestinal problems.
  111. Complimenting each other is an extremely important part of a healthy relationship.
  112. It is extremely essential that we share and spread peace and happiness.
  113. It is extremely important to communicate with your kids on a daily basis.
  114. Most men are extremely passionate about driving or riding bikes.
  115. Nail care is extremely important for a good appearance and personal hygiene.
  116. She was looking extremely gorgeous.
  117. Washing your hair is extremely important.
  118. Omega fatty acids are one of the healthiest fats which are extremely important for the body.
  119. He is extremely helpful.
  120. She has an extremely expressive singing voice.
  121. He was extremely pleased.
  122. He was extremely popular.
  123. He was extremely sick.
  124. Prices these days are extremely high.
  125. I was extremely surprised when I saw this.
  126. I’m extremely pessimistic.
  127. This is an extremely important point.
  128. I am extremely thankful to you for her help.
  129. He is extremely busy today.
  130. It is extremely important to exercise daily.
  131. He is an extremely good-looking man.
  132. He is extremely busy now.
  133. I’m extremely grateful to you.
  134. He is an extremely talented person.
  135. I am extremely passionate about reading and pouring down my thoughts on papers.
  136. My son is extremely respectful.
  137. God is extremely merciful.
  138. This is an extremely difficult sum.
  139. She is extremely happy today.
  140. She dances extremely well.
  141. This fish recipe is extremely simple.
  142. Some of your daily habits are extremely bad for your heart health.
  143. I’m extremely fat.
  144. He is an extremely frank person.
  145. She is extremely natural in her manner.
  146. I am extremely passionate about reading and pouring down my thoughts on papers.
  147. The teachers at this school are extremely kind and supportive.

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